STATEMENT: Gasexpress will provide solar self-consumption systems to all its gas stations nationwide

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Gasexpress will provide solar self-consumption systems to all its gas stations nationwide

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The Gasexpress gas station network is firmly committed to sustainability with the installation of self-consumption PV systems in all its locations, and it does so hand in hand with Solar Express Energía.

Madrid, February 20, 2023.-

Solar Express photovoltaic has been in charge of installing and starting up the more than 40 self-consumption PV systems that this project requires to make the gas stations that Gasexpress has spread throughout the national territory more sustainable. The agreement between the two firms, both belonging to JJ Matriz Capital, is a sign of the commitment to sustainability that the group has wanted to assume in the short and long term.

Gasexpress has gone a step further in its commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment with facilities for the generation of photovoltaic solar energy for self-consumption, taking advantage of the roofs of the canopies of its gas stations, which will allow the generation of green energy for self-consumption from solar radiation.

The decision to install photovoltaic self-consumption systems in all Gasexpress locations has not been taken at random. Currently, investing in renewable energy is not only highly profitable, but it has become an environmental imperative. With the aim of reducing its CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and also optimizing its energy savings, it has been decided to progressively put these self-consumption PV installations into operation at all the firm's gas stations and thus contribute to avoiding global warming. global planet by greenhouse effect.

In relation to savings on electricity bills, to understand its dimension, the fuel company reports that its standard installation is 30 panels, which will achieve savings between 45%-50% on electricity bills and The installation will be amortized within a period of 2 years and a maximum of 3 years, taking advantage of the subsidies managed by Solar Express, which are materialized through European funds or through deductions or bonuses in the IRPF or the IBI.

With this latest initiative, Gasexpress consolidates the innovative spirit that has characterized it since it began its activity in 2014. And it is a pioneering chain of gas stations in a new format, automated and equipped with the highest technology to provide a fast and agile service to its customers 24 hours a day.

This effort to adapt to the lifestyle of consumers is now joined by the clear will to add their grain of sand to one of the greatest concerns of our society: sustainability and the adoption of work systems that harm our environment as little as possible. around.

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