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The prominent activist of Venezuelan origin carries out a transformative values ​​education campaign to combat corruption and crime in Panama. Her initiative, based on the guide ‘The Way to Happiness’, is spreading nationwide, reaching various sectors of Panamanian society, from the police to the armed forces. This unprecedented effort, led by Giselle Lima, has positioned Panama as one of the safest countries in Latin America

Panama, April 25, 2024.- Giselle Lima, activist of Venezuelan origin and current president of the El Camino a la Felicidad Foundation in Panama, postulates education in moral values ​​as a central axis to reduce crime and promote a moral resurgence in the country. Her work primarily focuses on promoting a common sense guide, The Way to Happiness, by humanitarian author L. Ron Hubbard, aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens. After the alarming increase in crime in Venezuela, Lima and her family decided to emigrate to Panama. However, upon observing a similar social decline in her adopted country, she decided to begin an ambitious educational campaign. She detected the lack of moral values ​​as the main problem, a factor that she considers the biggest contributor to the nation’s decline. In response, her project arises to educate the entire country about this path to happiness. Her work alongside police, military and government officials has allowed these valuable lessons to be transmitted on a national scale. Coordinated efforts of volunteers, police departments, government agencies and all branches of the military have managed to bring this important message to every corner of the nation. The impact of this work is reflected in the increase in security that the country has experienced in recent years. According to Datamacro.com data, the homicide rate in Panama has decreased significantly, to the point that today it is considered the safest country in Latin America. In addition, her work and the movement promoted has been recognized in an episode of the Scientology TV Network, a network that has distinguished itself by highlighting the work of community leaders globally. It is evident that the humanitarian and educational approach implemented by Giselle Lima has generated a positive change in Panamanian society. Her tireless work represents an example of commitment and dedication to improving the quality of life of citizens and promoting coexistence based on solid moral values. Her case will be presented in the episode to premiere on the Scientology TV Network, which will show with testimonies and personal statements from community members, police and government figures the positive results of her work.

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