STATEMENT: GMEDIA details the actions to lead the digital market

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: GMEDIA details the actions to lead the digital market

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, December 1

The new business paradigm has shown that, for a company to be successful, it must bet on a digital model. This digitization allows brands to offer their product 24/7, 365 days a year and, in addition, to do so with personalized and direct communication, which has an impact on increased conversions and sales. GMEDIA, as a marketing agency, puts on the table the importance of SEM positioning and SEO positioning to lead the digital market

SEO positioning and SEM positioning As a marketing agency, GMEDIA highlights the relevance of a good SEO strategy and a well-segmented SEM positioning to achieve the necessary visibility within the market niche of each sector. But, why is it essential to have an SEO positioning strategy and SEM positioning? According to this marketing agency specialized in SEO and SEM strategy, this is due to the growth of competitiveness and market saturation, so actions must be taken to allow brands to stand out from their competition. As stated by Google, 51% of consumers use their search engine to find information about the future purchase they are going to make online. This is why a website that is well positioned and appears among the top positions of the search engine is synonymous with a guaranteed sale. Therefore, if you are looking for long-term organic growth, SEO positioning is the best option. This is directly responsible for the growth of websites within Google search engines, an increase that is reflected in sales. According to a study carried out, purchases made through organic searches are 53% higher than those made through email marketing. In addition to the point mentioned above, if you bet on integrating an SEO strategy on a website, you will see great changes in the medium and long term, such as: the increase in target traffic, the escalation of the positions of the worked keywords, the increase in sales or conversions, improving usability and loading time, as well as increasing the visibility of the web. It should be noted that these are two positioning techniques that you can bet on independently, but if you opt for both at the same time, the results are truly incredible. Thus, SEM positioning is a search engine positioning technique through paid advertisements. With it, a website is promoted through advertising with the aim of gaining visibility in the different search engines, attracting new customers or generating quality traffic to the website, that is, customers who end up converting. GMEDIA, as a marketing agency, highlights some of the advantages of SEM positioning such as its flexibility and dynamism, its great segmentation capacity and the fact that immediate results are obtained. The type of campaigns that can be chosen are search, display, shopping, remarketing, video and in applications. Although the benefits of these SEO and SEM strategies are unquestionable, in some cases the scarcity of resources makes their development difficult. To promote its viability, GMEDIA uses the Digital Kit, a European grant aimed at freelancers and SMEs that intend to increase their profitability by taking advantage of digitization for companies. Therefore, if you are thinking of taking the step towards digitalization, this marketing agency is a very good option.

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