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The action is part of Gillette's Mustaches for Men's Health campaign, reinforcing that in November each mustache is synonymous with an attitude towards health

SAO PAULO, Nov. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Gillette, the brand of P

The campaign's star is Alisson Becker, Liverpool's first-choice goalkeeper and World Health Organization (WHO) goodwill ambassador, who will enter the pitch as the mustache that plays for all. Alisson joined the Gillette team by changing his appearance and adopting a mustache in support of the cause. The action is part of the Mustaches for Men's Health campaign developed by the Gray Brasil agency, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of health through the mustache, a worldwide recognized symbol of Blue November. The change in the player's appearance strengthens the positive current created by Gillette through the hashtag

Alisson ensured his participation in all awareness actions, as he believes that it is essential to share guidelines on the importance of taking action for health. "For me it is a huge honor and a great responsibility to be able to participate in a campaign as serious and important as Gillette's. Today, science and medicine have evolved a lot and we have access to a lot of information. We know how essential it is for men go to the doctor and have all the tests done more frequently If the whole population becomes aware of the care to detect a problem early, it is possible to avoid the discovery of serious diseases at an advanced stage I know my influence for the fans of the sport in general and I decided to convey this message with all the seriousness with which it should be discussed", said the player.

Alisson Becker's presence in the Gillette campaign goes beyond her position as an opinion leader, but also takes into account her long history of supporting initiatives that promote health. "Gillette always seeks the best for men and understands their role in society as a brand. That's why we promote actions in favor of men's physical and mental health through our campaigns and ambassadors. We are very happy to have the support of Alisson in Noviembre Azul, reinforcing the message throughout the world that a mustache has the power to save many lives," explains Luis Siqueira, Senior Director of Marketing for Gillette Brazil.

To continue to make a positive impact, Gillette is making donations to further the fight against cancer. The brand joined forces with the A.C Camargo Cancer Center, an organization it has supported since 2021, donating resources for a training project for resident doctors at the institution to contribute to the advancement of medicine in Brazil.

During the month of November, follow all these actions in support of Blue November on Gillette channels and also be part of this movement. Remember: in November, every mustache is synonymous with an attitude towards health.

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