STATEMENT: Growing student crisis identified with pressure on universities and colleges

LIVERPOOL, England, Oct.

STATEMENT: Growing student crisis identified with pressure on universities and colleges

LIVERPOOL, England, Oct. 6, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- Ready Education, a leading global provider of mobile student experience solutions to improve student success in higher education, released today highlighting a number of trends alarming within the higher education sector, suggesting an emerging student crisis across Europe.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused significant disruption around the world, and many lasting impacts continue to impact students as new pressures mount. Although media outlets around the world are separately reporting on the issues, all of these individual issues are creating an increasingly intense student crisis for this year's cohort.

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As a result of the increasing number of areas of concern, students' well-being and their education are being negatively affected by the pressure they face and there has been a sharp increase in school dropouts. This creates a massive growth in demand for support that institutions are struggling to maintain and, in turn, is piling further pressure on already overstretched student and staff wellbeing budgets. Due to Ready Education's strong vision of improving student success in higher education around the world, they have been closely monitoring all aspects of this within tertiary education and actively seeking solutions.

"Student retention rates have always been a major concern for universities and colleges and any issue related to student well-being and success is usually addressed head-on when it becomes a priority. This year there has been unprecedented pressure rising precedents within all elements of student life and this has challenged universities and colleges in how to address and what to prioritize," said Andrew Taylor (Vice President of Sales, E2AP, Ready Education).

"Support services are overwhelmed and demand has tripled, if not more, in the last four years. As dropout rates rise, spending per student falls in real terms and this could well lead to a possible "funding crisis. Higher education leaders know they need new ways to help students succeed, but without the right data or tools, they leave too much to overstretched existing resources."

In having conversations about how institutions can address these issues, Ready Education has partnered with leading bodies to host informative and thought-provoking webinars.

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