STATEMENT: Healthy kombucha popsicles become the ideal option to combat high temperatures

Granada, August 10, 2023.

STATEMENT: Healthy kombucha popsicles become the ideal option to combat high temperatures

Granada, August 10, 2023.- The Granada-based company Víver Kombucha has recommended healthy kombucha popsicles as the ideal option to deal with the high summer temperatures, as it is a "refreshing, beneficial for health and that we can all easily do in our homes. These kombucha ice creams, unlike conventional ice creams, "have very few calories and allow the body to develop properly," they have pointed out.

In a season as hot as summer, kombucha becomes the best refreshment to prevent dehydration, keep the body cool, and enjoy a pleasant flavor. For this reason, the Víver Marketing team has recommended the ice cream format as an "original and fun" way to consume this healthy drink, "an idea that not only allows you to savor a perfect product for summer, but also allows you to mix the kombucha with fruits that we have at home.

From Víver, they comment that "kombucha offers us a fundamental shield to defend ourselves from the heat, which is none other than glucosamine that helps prevent damage to our joints, susceptible to heat, providing collagen." "This is achieved by increasing hyaluronic acid, which is very important for the lubrication and care of the joints, which is why the kombucha popsicles are ideal for keeping the body in perfect condition during the summer," he added.

Thus, the recipe for these homemade popsicles begins by opening the chosen kombucha bottles and waiting a few minutes for the bubbles from its natural fermentation to subside. After that, you should use a mold for popsicles or any similar container and place the selected fruit to mix with the ice cream. Finally, it will be necessary to fill the mold with the kombucha itself and wait about four hours once it has been placed in the freezer. Recipes made by

For the Víver Kombucha team, "this is an ideal way to encourage creativity, since we can make an infinite number of combinations based on some of our most popular flavors, such as strawberry and hibiscus, turmeric and ginger, lemon and spirulina, pineapple and peppermint, or orange and cinnamon. “Most important of all, the only cost of making these kombucha popsicles is a little waiting time before they chill in the freezer.”

In this way, some of the most recommended fruits to join the powerful flavor of Víver's kombucha include strawberries, lemon, mango or raspberries, to which in some cases a slight touch of mint can be added. And of all the possible ones, the most outstanding combination consists of the union of the pineapple and mint flavor with melon or orange, “a perfect choice of flavors for summer”.

Even with all of the above, the flavor is not the only thing that characterizes kombucha ice cream, whose main advantage lies in the benefits it provides to our body compared to other similar 'snacks'. From Víver they have explained that, while supermarket popsicles "have a high amount of chemicals and sugars", the popsicles that can be made through their kombucha "provide a different flavor, extra hydration and many health benefits".

Today, this Andalusian brand (specifically from Atarfe (Granada), is present in more than 4,000 points of sale throughout the territory distributed in stores such as El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, Aldi, Alcampo, Coviran, Coaliment, Masymas, Lupa , Novavenda, Eroski, Caprabo, Transgourmet Ibérica, Herbalarios Navarro, Grupo Upper, Todotodo Spar, Deza Calidad, Hiperber, Grupo Gadisa, BonÁrea and through the Horeca channel.

Regarding its preparation, Víver's kombucha is made from the fermentation of the kombucha tea itself, together with a symbiotic culture of bacteria called scoby and yeasts to which organic fruit and spices are added to give it a characteristic flavor and color. . This traditional process endows kombucha with the best probiotic properties, being able to help improve intestinal health, strengthen the immune system and be very low in sugar.

The acceptance of this healthy drink has also led it to occupy an exclusive space in NH Hotels after being selected as a premium brand for its five stars, and being present in more than 500 bars and restaurants throughout the country. Likewise, Víver Kombucha recently entered Spanish airports at the hands of WH Smith.

From corporate social responsibility, it donates 20% of its profits to help cancer patients to perform physical exercise to improve their quality of life, through the UAPO foundation.

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