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Timeshare weeks that may be the subject of an annulment claim include resort properties such as:

At Reclamalia, they focus on evaluating how the loan was formalized and identifying whether there were irregularities in the process, such as the lack of adequate information about the conditions and obligations of the credit. Often, timeshare companies sign these credits with different banking entities, which can complicate the cancellation process.

Reclamalia’s team of specialized lawyers works meticulously to identify any violation of applicable regulations, filing lawsuits against financial institutions in order to cancel the loan and recover the amounts paid by the client. This legal action not only seeks to cancel the credit, but also to protect the financial rights of the consumer and ensure that justice is done in their case.

In cases where contracts were signed before January 5, 1999, it is important to understand that there is no possibility of contract nullity. For these contracts, Reclamalia facilitates the transmission of the timeshare week to third parties or the negotiation with the complexes, always under the supervision of an expert timeshare lawyer. Complexes such as Reserva de Marbella always facilitate separation through Reclamalia, guaranteeing that the process is carried out under the supervision of an expert timeshare lawyer.

Some of the complexes, although they are for an indefinite period and whose contracts cannot be canceled due to the purchase date, are:

Álvaro Caballero, registered in Valladolid, stands out for his deep understanding of timeshare legislation and his ability to handle complex legal disputes in this field. His meticulous approach and commitment to excellence have made him a key pillar within the Reclamalia team, helping numerous clients to effectively disengage from their timeshare obligations and navigate monitoring proceedings with confidence.

On the other hand, Catalina Arroyo, registered in Malaga, brings a unique perspective and rich experience in debt negotiation and the cancellation of timeshare contracts. Her pragmatic approach and her ability to develop effective legal strategies have been essential in achieving favorable results for Reclamalia’s clients, especially in cases where it is possible to recover investments through the nullity of contracts signed under conditions now considered invalid by the law.

Together, Álvaro and Catalina form a vital part of Reclamalia, offering our clients robust legal solutions, based on a deep understanding of timeshare law and a tireless dedication to defending the rights of those affected in this highly controversial area.

Timeshare owners who wish to file an annulment lawsuit to completely disengage and recover the money invested in the purchase can expect the best guidance on how to proceed with their maintenance fees and the obligation to pay them until effective disengagement.

Reclamalia has enabled a free telephone number so that those affected by timeshare ownership can make free consultations at 900 525 939.