STATEMENT: Huawei Connect TECH4ALL Summit Explores Inclusion and Sustainability

- Huawei Connect TECH4ALL Summit explores how technology and partnerships enable inclusion and sustainability.

STATEMENT: Huawei Connect TECH4ALL Summit Explores Inclusion and Sustainability

- Huawei Connect TECH4ALL Summit explores how technology and partnerships enable inclusion and sustainability

SHANGHAI, Sept. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Huawei Connect 2023 TECH4ALL Summit on September 20 invited TECH4ALL partners around the world to share their insights on the key role technology and partnerships play in enabling more inclusive and sustainable digital world.

Based on highlighting the results of current projects and best practices, a key theme of the summit was how partnerships serve as a bridge between ICT industries, governments, international organizations, research institutes and NGOs to achieve goals. common in the areas of inclusion and sustainability.

"We know that technologies such as broadband connectivity, cloud, the Internet of Things and AI offer enormous potential as rapid catalysts for change, changes that can benefit both people and the planet," said Peng Song, vice president Huawei senior and president of ICT Strategy and Marketing in his inaugural speech.

Speaking on behalf of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), James Hardcastle highlighted the Tech4Nature partnership launched jointly by IUCN and Huawei in 2021. With five pilot projects running globally, Tech4Nature aims to improve management of 300 protected areas by developing innovative technological solutions and measuring conservation effectiveness against the IUCN Green List Standard.

"Technology can revolutionize nature conservation. Through our Tech4Nature partnership, we can share and scale up technical solutions for biodiversity and climate change. However, it is not just hardware that can help save costs and enable action. The most useful contribution of technology to conservation is the data analysis that is now possible. We can only accelerate access to intelligence and information, smarter and more effective decision making through inclusive multi-party partnerships. stakeholders," said James Hardcastle, Head of Protected and Conserved Areas at IUCN.

At the summit, TECH4ALL partners launched two white papers and signed two strategic cooperation agreements with Huawei in the areas of education and environmental protection.

Launch of two white papers

On behalf of the Kenya Ministry of Education (MoE), Martin Kungania launched the DigiSchool Report: Internet Connectivity in Schools. The report is based on the DigiSchool Internet Connectivity Project, a government-led initiative in partnership with UNESCO and Huawei, whose first phase will connect nine secondary and three primary schools with high-speed Internet access in 2021.

"The government is currently working with UNESCO and Huawei on the second phase which will connect more schools. This will include special schools for the hearing impaired and will provide video conferencing technology to support their teachers and students, providing even greater benefit to students. disadvantaged," said Martin Kungania, national coordinator of the Digital Literacy Program at the Kenya Ministry of Education.

The paper evaluates how the Internet improves teaching and learning, identifies best practices for scalability and sustainability, and evaluates how connectivity strengthens the administrative functions of schools.

On the environmental front, TECH4ALL partner Rainforest Connection (RFCx) launched Harnessing the Power of Sound and Artificial Intelligence to Monitor Biodiversity and Track Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) Targets.

"The Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) outlines critical goals for preserving and restoring biodiversity around the world, but we need effective monitoring tools to track our progress and ultimately achieve these goals," said Antony Harfield, RFCx Chief Technology Officer. "The combination of ecoacoustics and AI offers a non-invasive, cost-effective and scalable solution to this problem, facilitating evidence-based conservation and adaptive management." “We are delighted to be working with TECH4ALL on projects around the world that showcase the power of sound and AI to track progress towards GBF goals.”

To date, Rainforest Connection and Huawei have launched smart audio solutions to detect threats, such as illegal logging and poaching, and monitor biodiversity based on species vocalizations in ocean, mountain, forest and jungle ecosystems. tropical in 15 countries.

Two strategic agreements signed

Signed by Huawei and the China Social Entrepreneurs Foundation, the Young Teacher Empowerment Education Plan continues an existing project to provide digital skills training to young teachers in rural areas. Launched in 2017, the program had trained almost 125,000 young rural teachers by June 2023, which in turn has benefited 6 million children in rural schools.

In the environmental field, the Yellow River Delta Smart Conservation agreement signed by Huawei and the Yellow River Delta National Nature Reserve continues an ongoing project that has developed innovative solutions to research, monitor and protect birdlife in the Yellow River Delta area. Yellow River Delta without disturbing local communities. biodiversity. The project includes nesting stations for the endangered eastern stork, of which only 10,000 remain distributed in East Asia.

TECH4ALL's booth at Huawei Connect showcased many of the initiative's projects, including DigiTruck, DigiSchool and Conserving Nature with Technology, to visitors attending the flagship annual event, which brought together business leaders, technology experts, partners, developers and industry stakeholders from around the world. world to explore new opportunities for a smart future.


TECH4ALL is Huawei's long-term digital inclusion initiative and action plan. Using innovative technologies and partnerships, TECH4ALL is designed to help promote inclusion and sustainability in the digital world.

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