STATEMENT: Huawei Launches Inclusive Connectivity 2.0 Solution at MWC 2023

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Huawei Launches Inclusive Connectivity 2.0 Solution at MWC 2023

(Information sent by the signatory company)

-Huawei launches at MWC 2023 the Inclusive Connectivity 2.0 solution that promotes equal access to public services

BARCELONA, Spain, March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Huawei launched the Inclusive Connectivity 2.0 solution at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023. The launch was part of the session "Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Public Services", a meeting of experts in public services. The session focused on the trends of the digital transformation of the sector, looking for ways to promote economic and social development while improving the quality of life of citizens.

Promote digital inclusion with universal connectivity

Despite increasing access to connectivity, 400 million people around the world still lack access to mobile broadband networks (around 5% of the population). In low- and middle-income countries, rural residents are 33% less likely to use mobile internet than urban residents.

Faced with this situation, governments around the world have launched strategies to connect rural areas by building digital infrastructures in remote areas. The ultimate goal is to achieve inclusive and equitable digital services, bridging the digital divide.

Huawei's solution is crucial for countries seeking to bridge the digital divide. Andrew Zhang, Vice President of Public Sector at Huawei, explained, "As the world's leading provider of information and communication technologies, Huawei has supported many governments on their digital transformation journey. Our innovative solutions can help bridge the digital divide. and enable inclusive connectivity, bringing the digital world closer to everyone."

At MWC 2023, Huawei introduced its Inclusive Connectivity 2.0 Solution, which makes it easy to build networks in remote areas with complex environments. The solution combines data communications, optical and wireless networking products designed to bring connectivity to remote rural and mountainous areas.

The goal of Inclusive Connectivity 2.0 is to reduce network construction costs and accelerate network deployment, driving rapid and cost-effective national computing. It helps governments around the world to improve service delivery and quality of life in hard-to-reach areas.

Accelerate the digital transformation of public services

Today, public services must be people-centred. Therefore, it is essential to build the "network cloud" infrastructure through high-level design to provide comprehensive digital public services to citizens and achieve interconnection everywhere.

The integrated "cloud network" architecture enables the public sector to easily and securely exchange data between networks and regions, offering one-stop services to the public. At the same time, you can create a centralized, secure, and reliable bearer environment for government departments to connect with each other and increase their collaboration efficiency. This ultimately leads to greater governance effectiveness.

Hong-Eng Koh, Global Chief Scientist for Huawei Utilities Industry, said: "Huawei enables our global government, education and healthcare customers on their digital transformation journey through our end-to-end technologies including 5G, F5G, Cloud, Big Data and AI. We help our clients in their national backbone network, last mile connectivity, to achieve their goals in the digital society, digital economy and digital government."

Chris Baryomunsi, Minister of ICT and National Guidance of Uganda, said:"By building a pervasive and intelligent digital infrastructure across the country, the government has worked diligently to expand the digitization of the nation in various fields, in order to unleash the ICT multiplier effect on associated secondary and tertiary industries for a tremendous impact on the economy."

Huawei's mission in government and public services is to help countries and regions "Improve national digital infrastructure, accelerate the digital transformation of public services." We look forward to helping governments around the world go digital.

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