STATEMENT: Huawei: Let's move towards Net5.5G, drive new growth


STATEMENT: Huawei: Let's move towards Net5.5G, drive new growth

BANGKOK, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- During the Global Ultraband Forum 2022 (UBBF 2022), Kevin Hu, President of Huawei's Data Communication Product Line, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Stride to Net5.5G, Boost New Growth." It reveals the main business opportunities and key measures for operators to achieve new growth in B2B business, describes the new requirements for the converged IP transport network in the 5.5G era, and outlines the key feature of Net5.5G. .

The global market research organization OMDIA previously published the white paper "Research on Data Communication Trends to 2030" and the Net5.5G industry vision, outlining the core intent and 6 key features of the future data communication network. data communication.

Kevin Hu pointed out that the digital transformation of companies will offer new opportunities for operators' B2B business. Net5.5G will help operators make the holistic upgrade from traditional MPLS VPN private line to "Private Line X", and provide customers with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, to drive new B2B revenue growth. "Private line X" includes the following combinations:

Premium Private Line, based on auto cut-off technology, a tenant-level virtual cut-off private network solution can be provided in the converged network. Compared to the MPLS VPN private line, the quality is higher and meets the interconnection requirements of backbone networks in industries such as finance.

Managed LAN/Wi-Fi private line, LAN/WLAN network based on cloud management is more efficient, and supports operators to extend from traditional MPLS private line to SME LAN network to realize network services cloud management systems that integrate WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi and IOT.

SD-WAN Private Line, through SD-WAN automation technology, extends the hybrid network of MPLS VPN and other private line technologies, providing enterprises with fast and flexible cloud access experience.

In general, for the development of MBB, FBB and B2B services, operators' basic IP transport networks will be accelerated towards Net 5.5G, and the entire industry also needs to make corresponding technical reservations in advance. One of the key features of OMDIA's Net5.5G is Green Ultra Broadband (GUB). Through the ultra-broadband capabilities of 50GE to the base station, 100GE to the BNG, and 800GE to the backbone, it can support the 10Gpbs everywhere end-user experience requirements, and provide bandwidth growth of more than 10 times for interactive applications in real time.

In turn, the data center network has increasingly become the infrastructure for operators to provide IT services. In the future, it will move towards an all-Ethernet converged architecture, supporting 1 million DC server scale, 800GE interconnection, and promoting full lifecycle automation with L4 self-driving networks.

Key features of Net5.5G suggested by OMDIA also include Multi-Domain Network AI (MNA), High Resiliency Low Latency (HRL), Enhanced IPv6 (IPE) such as E2E SRv6, Massively Heterogeneous IoT (HMI), Pervasive Trusted Network ( NTU). These are the key elements to support the new growth of 5.5G, F5.5G and the B2B business of "Private Line X" operators.

Hu Kevin stressed that the development of Net5.5G requires the joint efforts of the industry. Huawei will work with its customers and partners to promote industry consensus and related standards, reserve key technology innovations, accelerate the pilot of business scenario innovation, and continue to explore new business boundaries. Let's move forward to Net5.5G, drive new growth.

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