STATEMENT: Index's Adapted House is 100% accessible and personalized for people with reduced mobility

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Index's Adapted House is 100% accessible and personalized for people with reduced mobility

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The Adapted House is completely accessible thanks to lower worktops and handles, wider corridors and doors, access without unevenness and an elevator. Safety and comfort so that people with reduced mobility are 100% autonomous at home. In addition, the house is a Geosolar® House, that is, it saves 80% of the bills for its energy efficiency thanks to solar panels and geothermal energy.


The Grupo Index Adapted House is a fully accessible and personalized home, where a person with reduced mobility can be completely autonomous and independent thanks to having everything within their reach, safely and comfortably.

For someone who suffers from reduced mobility, there are very complicated daily tasks, especially in bathrooms and kitchens where safety must also be a priority to avoid accidents and make everyday life comfortable.

Being able to cook on a ceramic hob at a functional height for someone in a wheelchair is essential to avoid dangers, for example with a frying pan, and if the hob is also blown up, it leaves space below to put your legs.

In a home there are many points that are inaccessible only because of height, such as cabinets in high areas of kitchens or bathrooms, window handles, thermostats, shut-off keys or electricity leads. Many times, these impediments endanger and limit a person with reduced mobility who wants to live alone.

"Feeling free and completely autonomous inside your home" is what Grupo Index's Adapted House now makes possible by taking care of and adapting every detail to make it truly accessible, comfortable and safe.

In the adapted and personalized houses of Grupo Index for people with reduced mobility, everything is modified and taken care of, among other functional details, the following stand out:

1. Accessibility

• Entrance to the house and access to the rear plot level with the rest of the flooring

• Aluminum carpentry with hidden rails to avoid unevenness with the interior and exterior floors.

• Elevator between ground floor and basement

2. Breadth

• Doorways 10 cm wider

• Wider corridors and turning spaces

3. Security

• Spirit

• Electrical protection panels at accessible level

• Stopcocks and water shutoff at an accessible level

4. Comfort

• Window handles at a height of less than 1.40m.

• Radiant floor thermostats at a height of less than 1.40m

• Kitchen appliances at an accessible height below 1.50m

• Kitchen without furniture in high areas

• Bathroom and kitchen countertops at a functional height (80 cm) and overhangs for access from below.

At Grupo Index they have been experts for years in personalized housing, houses designed by their clients according to their tastes or preferences. For Index's technical team, the challenge of completely adapting a home to the specific needs of a person with reduced mobility is much more than the technical responsibility of executing the home in accordance with all these details.

The challenge of building a house completely adapted to the needs of a person in a wheelchair is a satisfaction for their social contribution, and it is a source of pride for the trust placed in Index professionals.


The adapted home is also a Geosolar® House, that is, a very special home due to its energy efficiency. Grupo Index equips its homes with photovoltaic panels on its roof that produce more energy than the house consumes, making it carbon positive, which feeds the excess clean energy into the electricity grid.

Thanks to a geothermal heat pump and the installation of underfloor heating, Casa Geosolar® manages to save more than 80% on its electricity and air conditioning bills. Thus, chalets with three heated floors currently receive bills of €25-35 in the hottest and coldest months of the year.

Grupo Index is a Madrid construction company specializing in personalized and efficient housing for years and currently has promotions under construction or planned in various locations in the Community of Madrid.

The latest launch has been the first real estate development in all of Spain and probably in all of Europe that is 100% unplugged from the electricity grid, which has neither electricity nor energy bills, and is capable of feeding, in addition to the house, two electric cars all the year free, about 40,000 kms.


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