STATEMENT: Innofreight aspires to the safest European rail transport fleet with the digitization of Nexxiot

Innofreight digitizes the entire InnoWaggons rail fleet to create a new European benchmark in safety and efficiency.

STATEMENT: Innofreight aspires to the safest European rail transport fleet with the digitization of Nexxiot

Innofreight digitizes the entire InnoWaggons rail fleet to create a new European benchmark in safety and efficiency. The company, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, is determined to use the world's most advanced technology to create safer rail transport operations across Europe.

BRUCK AN DER MUR, Austria and ZURICH, Nov. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Innofreight, the award-winning European rail logistics company and innovation leader, has selected Nexxiot to complete the digitization of its entire rail fleet. The company, which has just moved into its new headquarters in Bruck an der Mur (Austria), works closely with its customers and the industry in general on the development of containers, wagons and unloading systems for the continuous optimization of transport. of goods by rail. Innofreight is committed to driving green progress and supporting the transition from road to rail through the highest professional standards, innovation and modular solutions to reach maximum capacity across Europe.

Innofreight, which has already incorporated Nexxiot's asset intelligence technology into more than 1,000 of its wagons, will now move forward with a further rollout to digitize the entire fleet. Isabella Legat, CEO of Innofreight, commented: “The company operates in more than 20 countries and manages the unloading of more than two million containers each year. With a fleet of 2,700 wagons and 23,000 containers in use, adopting the latest digital strategies is invaluable to our customers and partners, especially when it comes to security. This aspect must be unquestionable.

The manufacture of the new carriages is in the hands of TŽV Gredelj, a factory in Croatia that is part of the Tatravagónka group and has more than 125 years of tradition and experience in the design, production, reconstruction, modernization and maintenance of all kinds of rail vehicles. All of them, as well as the existing fleet, will be equipped with Globehopper, Nexxiot's industry-leading connectivity gateway.

Innofreight manages 230 block trains daily across Europe and seeks to develop logistics solutions that shift traffic from road to rail to reduce CO2 and create modular offerings to maximize capacity, efficiency and flexibility.

Stefan Kalmund, CEO of Nexxiot, commented: "We share Innofreight's stance on innovation and fully support the impressive vision of a greener and more efficient transport network."

Legat explained: “Innofreight's culture is about driving constant improvement. The data we collect through Nexxiot technology creates transparency, increased efficiency and productivity through the intelligent use of data. We always try to find the best strategic and cultural fit in order to maximize the benefits for our clients. Last year we collaborated with Nexxiot for the first time. Since then, thanks to what we have learned, we have realized that we can create a new benchmark in safety, maintenance efficiency and customer services for our customers throughout Europe. Nexxiot's solutions will be implemented to expand our business and services in line with our quality and safety standard as we continue to optimize rail freight transport."

About Innofreight:

Founded in 2002, the rail logistics company is headquartered in Bruck an der Mur, Austria and handles two million container shipments per year. The company's more than 130 international employees manage 23,000 containers, 2,700 InnoWagons and 230 block trains for its customers. The company's activities focus on the development of innovative freight wagons, containers and unloading systems for and in collaboration with its customers. More information at

About Nexxiot:

Nexxiot is a pioneer in commercial technology for asset intelligence with a mission to enable easier, safer and cleaner global transportation.

Nexxiot's trusted embedded technology provides essential operational intelligence and visibility for transportation lines, freight owners and rail operators in the supply chain. Clients and partners such as Hapag-Lloyd and Knorr-Bremse can now monitor their assets in real time from anywhere in the world.

Headquartered in Zurich, Nexxiot operates throughout Europe and the United States, with an international team of employees from 30 countries. For more information, visit

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