STATEMENT: Javi Linares launches his personal finance and investment training

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Javi Linares launches his personal finance and investment training

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, May 3, 2024

The well-known popularizer and financial advisor Javi Linares has launched a new project. Linares, who is also a very popular content creator on YouTube, trusts that his new tool will help many citizens get closer to their financial freedom.

The YouTuber begins with this new training, its name is Linvest Formula, a program in which participants discover what scenarios they can take to relate to money in a more intelligent way. The idea is to create a sensible roadmap to grow your investment portfolio in 30 days and safely increase your personal wealth.

In addition, Formula Invest goes further, as it focuses on basic concepts of economics and finance to advanced investment strategies. In short, the training covers all the topics that can help any citizen achieve financial freedom, regardless of their experience in this sector.

How is Linvest Formula designed?

The program is made up of four modules accessed through video lessons and other practical resources. Additionally, all participants in Formula Invest receive personalized support.

The first module is about personal finances and financial freedom, the second focuses on which investments are the most profitable, the third analyzes the best formula for creating a personalized long-term investment portfolio and the last one puts the Focus on effective and relaxed investment management.

Participation in this program goes hand in hand with a gift from Javi Linares, five bonuses that are limited to registration during the launch and that include direct and personalized support with the YouTuber, support community and networking with other members of Formula Linvest, a module specialized in the workplace and continuous growth, a topic focused on the tax burden of investments and a last one that explains how to get the most out of retirement.

The special bonus, only activated temporarily, adds six group calls for three months, with extra advice from Javi Linares in which the expert answers specific questions about finances and investments.

Try the program without obligation

Javi Linares' training adventure with Formula Linvest has already caught many potential investors. In fact, the launch offer was announced in a webinar and was attended by more than 3,000 attendees.

Linares aims to give the keys to living comfortably in the future without economic or financial worries. To do this, he proposes a very complete training that includes other content already covered in his previous programs, but which now all come together in Formula Linvest.

The financial disseminator is so convinced of the effectiveness of his program that he has even enabled a Demo experience. In those first 15 days of training, if any registrant considers that the content does not meet their expectations, does not conform to what was promised or is not what they expected, they will receive the full amount of their investment back.

What won't you find in Formula Linvest?

The training is designed for financial profiles who want to learn how to invest safely and build stable long-term assets. In that case you will find a powerful and very interesting program in Formula Linvest.

With it you can start your investment portfolio and educate yourself in finance. However, if what you are looking for are comfortable and immediate solutions, this is not your bet. Javi Linares frequently insists that the world of finance requires a lot of work and dedication.

The program will only be valid for those who are open to changing their financial habits and their relationship with money. Linares is a profile with great experience in the matter, his advice has a solid basis based on his extensive career.

For this young expert, who began his career advising banks and financial entities, Formula Linvest is the way to give back to others who are starting out in this sector what they already did with it. If Linares received advice and advice from other experts, now it is his turn to take that step. To learn more about this training, you can visit the website or his YouTube channel.

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