STATEMENT: KIA becomes the 1st automotive company to obtain the AENOR Customer Experience certificate

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: KIA becomes the 1st automotive company to obtain the AENOR Customer Experience certificate

(Information sent by the signatory company)

It has received the Certificate of Service Excellence, in accordance with the UNE-CEN/TS 16880:2015 standard, and the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate

Madrid, 11/30/2022.- Generating a personalized experience during the provision of the service that allows the user to perceive the values ​​of the brand is key to connecting with the public and creating lasting relationships over time. It is a competitive differential that KIA has developed through its Customer Experience model, for which it has obtained the AENOR Service Excellence Management Systems Certificate, in accordance with the UNE-CEN/TS 16880:2015 standard. , as well as the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate. Thus, it becomes the first company in the automotive sector to receive recognition for its Customer Experience.

The two certificates have been received by Eduardo Dívar, General Director of Kia Iberia, from Nicolás Henríquez, Sales Director of AENOR. KIA affirms that "it is an honor to be the first automotive brand to receive this prestigious certification. For Kia, customer experience is a key factor, we work to provide a memorable experience from the brand to all those who value Kia as a purchase option and this experience begins at the very moment the customer is looking for a mobility solution and extends to the after-sales service provided by the brand once he leaves the dealership with his new vehicle".

For his part, Nicolás Henríquez, AENOR's Sales Director, highlighted that "organizations with a vocation for leadership put the customer at the center of their operations. Kia is a pioneer in the automotive sector by obtaining this certification, which demonstrates its commitment to excellence in service provision, and evidences with facts that the customer is at the center".

This certification aims to design and implement service improvements to create exceptional customer/user experiences, both internally and externally. In this way, the company continues to advance in an excellent, innovative and sustainable management model.

The audit carried out by AENOR shows that KIA has systems and tools that allow the monitoring of all operational processes and network development, with fluid communication between the internal customer (employees and dealers) and the external customer. A process in which the entire company chain is involved to comply with the requirements of the Excellence Management standard, from dealership staff to senior management. In this line, the audit has valued the 360 ​​approach of the Customer Journey Map, the high volume of actions aimed at empowering employees and giving voice to this internal customer, KIA's commitment to electric vehicle customers, and verification of the effectiveness of the training given to dealers, among other actions. For its part, the AENOR ISO 9001 certificate obtained by KIA reflects the quality of its service and its orientation towards continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.


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