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Within the framework of Casa Decor 2024, which is being held until next May 26 at the Palacio de la Trinidad in Madrid, the high-end appliance brand, Küppersbusch, demonstrates once again its commitment to customization and design exceptional

Madrid, April 26, 2024.- Under the concept of “7 different finishes”, the German firm offers consumers the possibility of customizing their kitchens down to the smallest detail, ensuring that each appliance is not only functional, but also a style statement and striking design.

Küppersbusch appliances, which have received numerous design awards, are present in the “Bella Natura” space created by the renowned interior designer, Virginia Gasch of VG Living. The multifunction oven, integrated refrigerator, wine cellars, dishwasher and induction hob with GlideControl hood dress this kitchen that mixes Provencal and eclectic style. “Küppersbusch appliances have an aesthetic line that makes them easy to integrate. The ability to choose the finishes of some details is undoubtedly something magnificent for interior designers and gives us great added value,” says the designer of the space. .

Likewise, this kitchen invites you to spend the hours in a relaxed, cozy and unique atmosphere and as its creator, Virgina Gasch, indicates: “Küppersbusch appliances have helped me make everything look integrated, without stridency. They are stylish as well as They are functional. It is easy to imagine yourself in that kitchen taking a wine from the wine cellar and enjoying, with family or friends, while we cook a large roast in the XXL 90 cm oven.

The presence of the German brand at Casa Decor stands out for focusing on an intuitive design and an aesthetic that adapts to consumer preferences. Visitors have the opportunity to explore a space where appliances exceed their traditional role, becoming central pieces that provide comfort, elegance and practicality. Rubén Jiménez, head of Küppersbusch in Spain, explains that the possibility of customization “allows us to offer appliances as unique as each client” and precisely this adaptation to lifestyle and personal tastes is what is most captivating visitors during this edition.

You can enjoy the 46 spaces that make up this 59th edition of Casa Decor, until May 26, at 82 Francisco Silvela Street in Madrid.

About Küppersbusch:

Friedrich Küppersbusch was the first German kitchen manufacturer who founded the company in 1875 with the production of hand-made charcoal ovens.

The German brand, with 150 years of history and which was the first in the world to market a furnace, continues the pioneering spirit of its founder, which maintains the character of the Ruhr mining region.

The German style represents a unique, exclusive, functional and durable design, hallmarks of this premium appliance brand. The internationally recognized firm has more than 70 design awards and is present in 40 countries spread across America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

For more information, visit: https://www.home-kueppersbusch.com/es-es/


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