STATEMENT: Limpiezas La Trinidad turns 35

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Limpiezas La Trinidad turns 35

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The Sevillian company Limpiezas La Trinidad begins the celebration of its 35th anniversary, a figure that it will meet in October of this year. Founded in 1988, Limpiezas La Trinidad has become one of the leading companies in the cleaning sector in Seville, offering professional cleaning services for businesses and events.

Seville on February 27, 2023.- During all the years since its creation, Limpiezas La Trinidad has strived to offer high-quality services, providing comprehensive cleaning and maintenance solutions to its clients. The company has a team of highly trained and experienced professionals, which allows it to focus its potential on the ability to assume all the activities of the sector, accumulating significant experience backed by the work carried out.

This effort to achieve service excellence has ensured that all work is carried out efficiently and with the utmost care.

The company currently has important companies in its client portfolio, both nationally and internationally, from various sectors as diverse as video games, the photovoltaic solar industry, schools and haute couture, among many others.

The objectives set out in its roadmap are:

1. Achieve sustainable growth. Currently, Limpiezas La Trinidad is undergoing an audit process to calculate the company's Carbon footprint.

2. By the end of 2024, achieve that 80% of the products used in the company carry the "ecolabel" label.

3. The new vehicles incorporated into the fleet will be 100% electric.

4. Promote family conciliation. Currently, they are developing a selection process so that each worker chooses the shift that best suits their needs according to their family situation.

With this they achieve a high performance of the worker, which translates into a good service for the client.

In the words of the general director Javier Trinidad: "We are very proud to have reached this milestone in our cleaning company, our customers are our reason for being and we strive every day to offer them the best possible service while taking care of the environment".

It should be noted that, in their line of events, they have managed to train their staff to carry out specific tasks that are required in these jobs, in addition to carrying out a series of proposals and ecological actions to contribute to the environment and reduce the negative impact that can be generated in it.

All of this has led them to participate and provide services at highly relevant events held in Seville, such as the Dior Gala dinner, the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert or Sergio Ramos's wedding.

Limpiezas La Trinidad hopes to continue growing as it has done up to now and establish itself in the national market.

In commemoration of the 35th anniversary, the company will carry out different actions throughout the year. On February 9, a special event took place at Torre Sevilla where its new logo was presented, its new cleaning service website for events, corporate video and where the anniversary year began.


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