STATEMENT: Mexican panorama in the coming years, according to Bernardo Dominguez Cereceres

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STATEMENT: Mexican panorama in the coming years, according to Bernardo Dominguez Cereceres

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Madrid, March 2

The world is changing by leaps and bounds and in many ways. To ignore the effects that it can produce in Mexico is to err on myopia. Bernardo Domínguez Cereceres, emphasizes that the impact of external causes on national life will be more forceful than the repercussion of those internal factors or those inherent to society

The external causes that affect The hegemony of the dollar is likely to become increasingly clear and evident in the near future, with the United States capturing much of the world's savings. This situation could have a significant impact on Mexico, which, as the United States' main trading partner, could become a large importer of US products, including food and other goods. It is important to take into account the possible influence of the United States Federal Reserve in this matter. In the future, we may see an economic structure made up of three layers: the large oligopolies, the large trading blocs, such as the North American market, that they have significant protectionist measures; and local commerce, which offers interesting initiatives for small and medium-sized companies. According to Bernardo Domínguez Cereceres, Mexico has the opportunity to position itself in the second layer, as long as it can organize itself to take advantage of the potential of its industries and improve its productivity. In addition, the country could also develop the third layer by encouraging and supporting the creation of small family businesses, which would contribute to strengthening the social and productive fabric. Without a doubt, one of the most pressing problems of the 21st century is the migratory phenomenon, which until now It has not been known how to deal effectively. This problem will have important repercussions, generating greater rigidity in the countries of the north and greater laxity in those of the south. In the case of Mexico, both borders will be seriously affected by this phenomenon, which will cause crises in areas as diverse as security, housing, coexistence, illegal trafficking of people and goods, health problems and the appearance of a new subculture of misery. According to Bernardo Domínguez Cereceres, it is essential that, together, solutions be found to these challenges and mitigate the negative effects of the migratory phenomenon. Those internal causes that can be mentioned It is necessary to reorganize health and education in a decentralized manner, prioritizing the figure of the family doctor and the basic education teacher. The construction of schools and hospitals must follow universally accepted specifications. Municipal services in Mexico are deficient and it is necessary to organize them according to socio-cultural and socio-demographic criteria, creating standards for electricity, water, drainage, garbage collection and treatment, and municipal police. These standards must be clearly established, according to Bernardo Domínguez Cereceres, in operation manuals with accountability on a digital platform. The country's infrastructure must respond to two fundamental axes: increase the competitiveness of the export productive apparatus and promote vertical integration to generate micro and small entrepreneurs. The vision must be national and regional, comprehensive and circular, and must have a clear purpose of improving the quality of life. It is essential to strengthen the municipality to be the first beneficiary of the initial surplus value, as happens in other countries.

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