STATEMENT: Millennial mothers and fathers spend an average of €1,600 preparing for their babies

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Millennial mothers and fathers spend an average of €1,600 preparing for their babies

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Tarragona, February 1, 2023.

HelloBB, the solution to make digital birth lists, publishes a report that analyzes how today's generations of mothers and fathers choose and buy the products they will need for their babies

As is well known, the arrival of a baby changes not only the lives, but also the houses of the families that receive them. New needs appear that require, more often than before, the purchase of some new tool. From cribs to pacifiers, families create lists of everything they'll need. Often family and friends will contribute and celebrate the occasion with gifts. HelloBB allows expectant mothers and fathers to create their baby showers with items from any store. In the recently published Baby Report 2023, the company analyzes more than €3,000,000 that have passed through its systems to identify the purchasing patterns of the millennial generation of fathers and mothers. The report reveals that families spend an average of €1,600 preparing for their babies. Spending is concentrated in three basic categories: strollers, car seats and the baby's room. Another relevant factor is the role played by family and friends in this scenario. According to the analysis, the average cost of a gift to future parents stands at €67. Another of the conclusions that the report brings to light is the time that future families spend documenting themselves and preparing their lists. On average, future mothers and fathers start their birth lists in the 22nd week of pregnancy and spend 6 weeks preparing it. During this time, they are in an active selection process in which they continually re-evaluate their decisions and end up removing 40% of what they add. The report contains other interesting data that describe more concrete patterns of behavior, such as the rate at which lists grow up, when the key purchase moments occur, the role played by relatives and relatives and the factors that current mothers and fathers value and require when creating their lists. The data is fully available on the company's blog.HelloBB, newly created, is having a great reception among the current generations of mothers and fathers, who move like a fish in water in the digital world. During the past 2022, more than 10,000 families chose HelloBB to make their lists. The platform, which offers a mobile application and a web version, aims to accompany its users on their path to parenthood, making the experience richer, personal and relaxed. HelloBB continuously assists new parents with guides and advice to help them find their way in a world where, at first, many doubts appear. It also offers the possibility of including in the list not only material gifts, but also services, funds for collect money or, soon, even ask a specific favor from friends or family.

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