STATEMENT: More than 1,300 registrants start the WEB3 tokenization contest organized by Brickken and NWC10Lab

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: More than 1,300 registrants start the WEB3 tokenization contest organized by Brickken and NWC10Lab

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Edwin Mata, CEO and Co-founder of Brickken together with José Luis Cáceres CEO NWC10, share the experience of how to launch a security token using Blockchain technology. The inauguration meeting of the contest receives more than 1,300 registrants at its starting signal interested in how to tokenize their ideas and companies

NWC10Lab, a pioneering innovation laboratory in Spain specialized in promoting WEB3 projects and Blockchain technology together with Brickken, a company specialized in allowing any company or idea to launch securities tokens, organize a contest to tokenize digital ideas and manage to gather more than 1,300 registrants in their presentation. From it is possible to apply to the contest until the end of the year.

The financial crisis, the approach of crypto assets to society during the last year and the special interest of all kinds of sectors and companies to find new sources of financing, causes a wave of registered in the presentation of the tokenization contest through which the winning project will be able to launch its own security token as a prize.

Security tokens are a form of digital representation of real assets, linked to traditional securities, that is, they are linked to financial values ​​such as the shares of a company, shares in an investment fund or real estate, among others.

This type of crypto asset endows the owner with a series of rights and obligations. One of the main benefits of security tokens is that they allow greater liquidity and accessibility to traditionally restricted investments. In addition, blockchain technology offers greater transparency and security in transactions. The NWC10Lab Talk meeting seeks to resolve all the doubts that this type of digital asset presents through the experience in this field of Edwin Mata CEO of Brickken, a platform specialized in tokenization through securities, together with José Luis Cáceres CEO NWC10 directing the meeting.

On Thursday, December 8, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. (Madrid) online, a new edition of NWC10Lab Talk has echoed this great meeting as well as the presentation of the contest. Registration for the different physical and online events organized by the pioneering Spanish innovation laboratory can be done from, and can also be viewed once finished from this same link or from the NWC10 Blockchain Laboratory channel on platforms such as YouTube or Spotify. .

With 21 online editions in Talk format, more than 175 events specialized in Blockchain technology and directed directly by José Luis Cáceres CEO NWC10, more than 3,800 registered per meeting, and a Community made up of more than 25,000 Super Pioneers who learn and help projects innovators,; NWC10Lab is the pioneering Spanish innovation laboratory in WEB3 or Blockchain technology (blockchain, popularly known for its application to the cryptocurrency sector) from which well-known projects such as Bit2me, Stocken Capital, Ibisa, Blocknap, SmartRights have been born or have been helped. or Adwatch.

The NWC10Lab meetings have managed to transform in the last two years from physical events organized in renowned technological places such as Telefónica Flagship Store, Google Campus or IE Business School in Madrid, into a global online event with participants from more than 30 countries and high-level guests. around Blockchain technology, teaching thousands of people for free, and from now on also seeking to improve the professional careers of all its attendees.

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NWC10Lab is the pioneer digital ideas and innovation laboratory in Spain specialized in Blockchain technology from which successful projects such as Bit2me, Tikebit, Ibisa, Blocknap or Adwatch have been born. One of the most important missions of the laboratory is to share all the knowledge acquired in places as well known as Google Campus, Telefonica Flagship Store, IE Business School in front of more than 250 people; virtual meetings with up to 3,800 registered weekly (and even televised on Movistar) or reaching more than 80,000 followers on social networks. Video Super Pioneers NWC10Lab


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