STATEMENT: Occam Agencia Digital launches the Beta version of the Video Game Play to Earn Obots

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Occam Agencia Digital launches the Beta version of the Video Game Play to Earn Obots

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The company Occam Agencia Digital prepares the launch of the Beta version of Obots during the month of November. It is their first platform built under the Gaming 3.0 ecosystem and the Play to Earn phenomenon. A 2D fighting game with blockchain technology that seeks to revolutionize the experience of Web3 games, simplifying it and eliminating friction for users

The video game industry undoubtedly makes the most of all the options that new technologies provide. Blockchain technology, in turn, is increasingly being introduced into society. Hand in hand with both worlds, a curious use case arises: Play to Earn video games. Occam Agencia Digital, through its new business line focused on the development of videogames with blockchain technology, launches the beta version of Obots. It is the world's first 2D Fighting Games Play to Earn game, with which registered users can easily earn tokens and other rewards. In Obots you play a cybernetic warrior fighting his way through various 1Vs1 duels to free the Andromeda galaxy from the evil forces of the Great Winter Empire. This beta version includes access to the various game modes; the inclusion of the NAB token and a marketplace in which to get the NFT characters (available from Obots has a Dual Token system: • The NAB asset is the reward token that players will get for the simple fact of playing. • OBT will be the project's utility token. The 2D fighting title has four game modes: • Competitive, where the user with his NFT character (or non-expendable token) and having energy (stamina unit used in the game) can duel with other players online.• Training, in which he can play for free without need to buy an NFT. • Private Room, which allows you to create a room to play with your friends by sharing an access code. • And, how could it be otherwise, tournaments. Obots seeks to become an agile and fun gaming experience, in addition to eliminating friction usually linked to Web3 games, simplifying onboarding, facilitating the purchase of assets through various methods of payment, obtaining playable characters without the need for a linked wallet... And also, Obots wants to democratize the game model, giving any user the option to participate in the experience through training mode, totally free and that does not require a link a wallet to play. The objective of Occam's Play to Earn initiative is to improve the experience with this type of games at all levels and turn e-gaming into a fun activity that allows generating economic benefits in a simple and safe way. See trailer:

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