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PARIS, Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Vestiaire Collective, the leading global app for buying and selling pre-owned luxury fashion, teams up with legendary fashion house Paco Rabanne in a very special collaboration starring a brand icon : the bag 1969.

The selection includes both unique pieces from previous collaborations, such as the special edition created by Comme des Garçons in 2019 to commemorate the brand's 50th anniversary, as well as vintage and archival models. Also included are pre-loved bags in different sizes, colors and shapes, perfect for holiday gifting.

The collaboration between Vestiaire Collective and Paco Rabanne celebrates the creativity, durability and excellence of craftsmanship as well as highlighting the optimism of both companies for a better future for fashion. Paco Rabanne increasingly uses recycled materials in his collections and reuses some of his most iconic models to promote a more transseasonal approach to fashion. The brand also has a lifetime repair service for the 1969 bag, furthering its sustainability credentials. Vestiaire Collective's experience in reselling second-hand and vintage fashion allows both brands to both share their mutual commitment to sustainable and circular fashion, and to welcome more Paco Rabanne clients into this fantastic world.

Designed at the height of fashion's obsession with the 'ready-made' movement (pieces created from the union or reconstruction of everyday objects), Paco Rabanne's 1969 bag is an icon not only for its innovative design and elegant, but also for being the quintessential sustainable accessory: it was designed and manufactured to last forever. Made entirely of a succession of seamless metal discs (a hallmark of the brand's design since its inception), it represents an optimistic, creative and futuristic approach to fashion that is still reflected today in the brand's designs under the directed by creative director Julien Dossena.

To celebrate this collaboration, there will be a party in Paris where some of the most exclusive pieces will be exhibited. During the event, one of Paco Rabanne's artisans will create a unique 1969 bag live using recycled materials. Designed in orange, the representative color of Vestiaire Collective, the bag will be raffled online at a special event for members of the Vestiaire Collective community. Exclusively for the occasion, Paco Rabanne will offer a unique personalization service for the 1969 bag, in a special atelier in his Rue Cambon store.

The collaboration with Paco Rabanne is a key element in Vestiaire Collective's current strategy for bespoke resale collaborations. From luxury brands to major retailers, Vestiaire Collective is driving the fashion industry to give more and more space to second-hand. These collaborations also allow the Vestiaire Collective community to shop for unique clothing and accessories safely and reliably.

Sophie Hersan, Co-Founder and Fashion Director of Vestiaire Collective, says: "Vestiaire Collective's experience makes us the perfect partner for a luxury brand like Paco Rabanne. The 1969 bag is an icon of French fashion, carried since Brigitte Bardot to Françoise Hardy, and we're thrilled to be able to bring it to a broader audience, highlighting the house's incredible craftsmanship and resale power to keep iconic pieces alive for decades."

Nadia Dhouib, General Manager of Paco Rabanne, adds: "We have always maintained a strong connection to our heritage and our history. This collaboration with Vestiaire Collective offers the possibility of promoting circularity, especially for a jewel designed to last forever as it is. the 1969 bag, in an exciting and effective way.This selection of pre-owned 1969 bags makes it possible for every fashion lover to rediscover the unique craftsmanship of Paco Rabanne.Thanks to its expertise and unique community, Vestiaire Collective is without certainly the ideal partner to celebrate circularity".


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