STATEMENT: Parkia will apply dynamic discounts in its car parks during the pollution protocols in Madrid

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Parkia will apply dynamic discounts in its car parks during the pollution protocols in Madrid

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Through its app (eParkia), users can enjoy up to 90% discount in periods of high pollution. Parkia becomes the first parking management company to apply dynamic discounts to its users according to the anti-pollution protocols that are activated in the city of Madrid and the environmental badges of the users.

MADRID, 11/30/2022.- In line with Parkia's environmental commitment to develop an increasingly sustainable activity, (a commitment reinforced by joining the world's largest sustainability initiative, the United Nations Pact), Parkia has aligned with the Madrid City Council, to promote responsible and sustainable urban mobility.

When these protocols are activated in the city of Madrid and from scenario 2, Parkia will apply automatic discounts to eParkia app users based on their environmental label, thus facilitating access to its services and therefore reducing search traffic of free space on the surface.

If the user's registration corresponds to the ZERO label, his discount on the rotation stay will be 90%; with an ECO label, the discount to apply will be 70% and users who park that day and have a B and C label will receive a 50% discount. These discounts will be applied automatically and only to users of the active eParkia application.

In addition, and given that mobility restrictions come into force in many municipalities and cities in Spain as of 2023 with Law 7/2021 on Climate Change and Energy Transition, new low-emission zones emerge, in which vehicles without a badge do not They will be able to circulate and those with B badges will only be able to enter any of these areas if they park in a car park. Parkia's measure will further favor its users, rewarding their commitment to the environment by parking in their car parks.

In this way, Parkia becomes the first parking infrastructure manager nationwide to implement this measure of social responsibility in favor of the environment and in line with the actions of the Madrid City Council.

eParkia users will receive each month in their emails a summary of what they have saved economically by leaving the car in Parkia during those days.

In line with respect for the environment and to encourage electric vehicle charging, it should be mentioned that Parkia was one of the first car park management operators nationwide to establish more than 127 electric chargers in all of its car parks, for the benefit of its users and the first to jointly sell season tickets and electric charge (Park and recharge).

In the words of Eva Arias, director of Parkia's ESG Department:

Being a sustainable company in the long term implies paying attention not only to the efficiency of operations and the profitability of the business, but also to the impact generated in the development of the activity. For this reason, Parkia considers sustainability as a fundamental part of everything it does in all areas of the company. With this action, the company aligns itself with users, promoting sustainable mobility and commitment to the environment.

About Parkia:

Parkia is one of the leading companies in public car parks, with more than 70 car parks in Spain and Andorra. Based in Madrid, it has been owned by the Australian fund Igneo Infrastructure Partners since 2016 and has more than 8.3 million customers and a team of 167 employees. It manages proprietary concessions and long-term concessions mainly with municipalities, through contracts with an average life of more than 39 years. It has a capacity of more than 38,000 parking spaces, with activity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It offers its customers the best value proposition, incorporating new technologies in its facilities, improving their user experience.

Seeks diversification of its range of products and services, to satisfy your personal parking needs.

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