STATEMENT: Ralarsa returns as sponsor of FN Speed ​​Team to the 2023 Dakar Rally

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Ralarsa returns as sponsor of FN Speed ​​Team to the 2023 Dakar Rally

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Barcelona, ​​December 27, 2022.

For the second consecutive year, Auto Cristal Ralarsa, part of the Cary Group, supports the elite of the sport by sponsoring the FN Speed ​​Team in the 2023 Dakar. It will accompany the pilots Santiago Navarro (T3 category), Pau Navarro ( category T4) and Joan Font (category T3)

Feel the Dakar spirit with Ralarsa In this 45th edition of the Dakar Rally, Ralarsa, as a leading brand in the glass repair and replacement sector for all types of vehicles, sponsors the FN Speed ​​Team for the second consecutive year, which returns to participate for the 5th time and will have 9 vehicles between the T3 and T4 categories. From December 31 to January 15, the pilots will star in 14 stages spread over 16 days in which feats between dunes and desert will be the protagonists. FN Speed ​​Team is a team that provides all the support, solutions and services for high competition and has qualified members with long experience, with Santi Navarro as director and manager of FN Speed ​​Team. And, in this edition, its purpose is to elevate its pilots to the top of the podium.Ralarsa part of Cary Group, bets on the values ​​of the sport of Santiago Navarro, Pau Navarro and Joan Font.Santiago Navarro, together with Adrien Metge, returns for the fourth time at the wheel since its debut in 2017 with Joan Font as co-driver. This is one of the most particular cases of the entire Dakar Rally, since he combines his role as a driver in the FIA ​​T3 category with his work as director of the FN SPEED team. In the last edition with Marc Solà as co-driver he was close to the Top 3 and this time he will fight to maintain Top-3 in T3 in the Dakar Rally, after winning European champion in this category.At 18 years old, Pau Navarro makes his debut as a driver in the T4 category along with Michael Metge as co-driver. Despite his young age, this driver has participated twice in this rally as a co-driver in a truck with his father, Pau Navarro at the wheel. In this edition, he arrives with the hope of making his debut behind the wheel of a South Racing Can-Am X3. Joan Font, with Themis Lopez as co-driver, is another of the drivers behind the wheel of the T4 category vehicle. Joan's dream was always to be a rally driver, an achievement he has more than achieved. In 2023, the driver faces his fifth Dakar, in which he hopes to take advantage of the lightness and agility of this vehicle to continue in the footsteps of previous years. "No stone can stop them" Therefore, Auto Cristal Ralarsa part of Cary Group, as specialists in automotive glassware and with more than 250 glass workshops, is ready for a new edition of the Dakar Rally. "Good luck to everyone, let the race begin"

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