STATEMENT: Repara tu Deuda Abogados cancels €91,586 in Girona (Catalonia) with the Second Chance Law

Madrid, March 28.

STATEMENT: Repara tu Deuda Abogados cancels €91,586 in Girona (Catalonia) with the Second Chance Law

Madrid, March 28

The exonerated had problems with his family, whom he had previously helped, and lost his home with two dependent daughters

Repair your Debt, the leading law firm in Spain in the Second Chance Law, has achieved another debt cancellation in Girona (Catalonia). This is the case of a man to whom the Mercantile Court No. 1 of Girona (Catalonia) has granted the Benefit of Exoneration of Unsatisfied Liabilities (BEPI), releasing him from a debt that amounted to 91,586 euros. SEE JUDGMENT His state of insolvency originated in his closest environment since he provided financial support to members of his family. Later, discrepancies occurred and the loan was never repaid, which led him to have financial difficulties to meet his daily payment obligations and he had to seek financing. Added to this was the fact that the company for which he carried out his functions was paying his payroll late. This meant that he could not pay the installments of the subscribed loans on time, with the consequent accrual of late fees and interest. His debt increased, without the lending credit institutions showing a willingness to regularize the situation and this led him to sign new loans to meet his payment obligations, thus worsening his economic situation. Likewise, the bank had granted him a mortgage loan, but when problems arose to keep it up to date with the payment, he tried to refinance it in such a way that the amount of his monthly installment was reduced and the repayment term was extended. However, the entity refused and lost their habitual home, with two dependent daughters. Despite the fact that the Second Chance Law is still unknown to some people, the truth is that more and more people turn to it to reactivate themselves in the economy and start a new life from scratch. More than 20,000 individuals and freelancers have put their case in the hands of the firm.Repara tu Deuda Abogados is the law firm specializing in the Second Chance Law in Spain that has handled the most cases in the country and the one that has canceled the most debt, exceeding the 130 million euros of debt. Along with the processing of this tool, the lawyers are also dedicated to canceling credit cards, revolving cards, mini-credits, loans and mortgages. It is important to highlight that the people who have accepted the Second Chance Law belong to the various communities autonomous of Spain. Catalonia is the pioneer at the national level in its processing. "We have made great efforts to have optimal technology available to everyone and to publicize the Second Chance Law throughout the country so that any potential beneficiary can get out of the over-indebtedness situation in which they find themselves," they explain. lawyers. The Second Chance Law makes it possible to cancel the debts of individuals and the self-employed in insolvency. For this, it is essential to comply with a series of requirements such as acting in good faith, without hiding assets or income, or that the debt does not exceed 5 million euros.

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