STATEMENT: Solidarity Artificial Intelligence for the Legal Profession

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Solidarity Artificial Intelligence for the Legal Profession

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The National Association of Lawyers for Accident Victims and Civil Liability (ANAVA - RC), with a thousand members throughout Spain, joins the great Solidarity Project of technological innovation "Solidarity and Technology for Lawyers (Sol-y-Tec) " from the Brussels Artificial Intelligence consultancy, SpeechWare

COVID has further accelerated the tremendous impact of technology on all professional activities. Digitization, Artificial Intelligence, teleworking, "hybrid work", etc. They are new concepts and technologies. They are here to stay because they provide much more productivity, time and cost savings in all creative professions. Also, without a doubt, in the legal profession. Aware of this great challenge of digital transformation of the profession, Mr. Manuel Castellanos, president of ANAVA-RC, and Jesús María Boccio, jurist-technologist and CEO of SpeechWare, have ratified today the aforementioned solidarity collaboration agreement. It contemplates the assignment of a large number of pro bono trial licenses of DigaLaw X for associates. It is the first integrated system for Voice Recognition, Simultaneous Translation of dictation or text on the screen into any language and Automatic Transcription of Voice notes and mobile videos on a PC. With an impressive rate of 99% average accuracy, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it provides a great increase in productivity and savings in time and costs to any professional who generates a lot of text. The Ministry of Justice has already licensed the system, after the corresponding public bidding, for their own judges, magistrates and lawyers. D. Manuel Castellanos, who already uses DigaLaw X, believes: "the system represents the definitive Artificial Intelligence tool at the service of the legal profession. With a little practice, hours can be saved in writing all kinds of documents (forms, opinions, emails, etc.) out loud, apart from other practical features such as the automatic translation of the dictation into other languages ​​(Catalan, Basque, Galician, English, French, etc.) This results in better performance and use of our precious time, without forget the great savings in transcription and translation costs". For his part, Jesús María Boccio thinks that: "Artificial Intelligence advances so fast that it is very difficult to keep up to date and incorporate it into daily work. The objective of our solidarity program for The legal profession is to facilitate this approximation with the minimum effort and cost.This is the case, for example, of voice recognition: anyone can speak 4 or 5 times faster than a machine. rafiar, but not many have yet experienced the great ease of dictating their documents and emails with the impressive precision of a professional system like DigaLaw X. We invite all associations in the sector to follow the example of ANAVA-RC, because the challenge of modernity and digitization is huge in all creative professions.

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