STATEMENT: Spanish Telecom launches "Family Plan" for households to save on mobile telephony

(Information sent by the signing company).

STATEMENT: Spanish Telecom launches "Family Plan" for households to save on mobile telephony

(Information sent by the signing company)

This new pack allows you to receive savings of 20% from the third contracted line of UNLIMITED rates, with unlimited calls and 30, 50 and 70 GB of data

This autumn, Spanish families can give a twist to their savings on expenses as important as mobile telephony, thanks to the new offer launched by the company Spanish Telecom. To face the final stretch of the year, the company has designed a special formula for households, where they can contract the rates for their different custom lines, that is, with the data they want and saving from the third contracted line, always applying to the line or lines, if not more than three, with Less data rate. Thus, if a family of four people can tailor their pack to their needs, for example, with an UNLIMITED 70 rate, one UNLIMITED 50 rate and two UNLIMITED 30 rates, receiving a 20% discount on the latter two its price. Without a doubt, a truly direct way to save from the third line and up to the sixth, which is added to the competitive prices of Spanish Telecom, which start at 11.75 euros for the UNLIMITED 30. To do this, From the Family Plan section of Spanish Telecom, users can design their pack according to their needs and send them to the company's operators quickly and easily to close the final contract. All this through the Internet or through WhatsApp, without unnecessary travel, additional paperwork or long waits for a phone call. UNLIMITED: Now for families The UNLIMITED concept includes the most competitive rates on the market, from Spanish Telecom, both for price and for unlimited data and calls* and always with the maximum coverage in the entire national territoryWith UNLIMITED rates, Spanish Telecom provides unlimited calls* to Spanish landlines and mobile phones along with three data packs according to user needs:1. UNLIMITED 30: Offers up to 30GB of data at maximum speed, at an extraordinarily competitive price, €11.75 per month (VAT included). Ideal for the youngest who are starting to use the mobile.2. UNLIMITED 50: Up to 50GB of browsing at maximum speed, for just €15.75 per month (VAT included), for those who don't want to spend too much, but want to watch video or play online.3. UNLIMITED 70: The queen of Spanish Telecom rates, with up to 70GB of data and an exceptional price of €19.75/month. Without a doubt, it is the ideal option for intensive users, with a "very digital" lifestyle, who seek not to depend on finding Wi-Fi. Ideal savings for a family As usual, in many households there are usually three or more people and, currently, all members have their mobile phone. For this reason, Spanish Telecom wanted to make its contribution so that the price would not be a problem for the family to be connected. In this regard, Pablo Gonzalez, CEO of the company, states that "for a family, making your own tailored plan is simplicity, freedom and, above all, savings, with the discount that we include in addition to the good price of our rates." And it is that from the smallest to the oldest they must have their personal device, for communication and security. In González's words: "The little ones already have mobile devices with internet for school tasks, smart watches with internet and GPS, seniors use WhatsApp and other applications to keep in touch with the family and everyone has one or more With this initiative, Spanish Telecom makes a real commitment to savings in monthly family spending, because we all have a mobile."About SPANISH TELECOM Spanish Telecom Mobile Services S.L. is a company specializing in mobile content and services focused on the distribution of telecommunications services with the maxims of ease and simplicity for the foreign English-speaking client. Through agreements with wholesalers and operators, it offers the best coverage throughout the national territory, with truly competitive rates, both for individuals and companies.

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