STATEMENT: The Equipo de la Torre Oral Unit explains the technique used in patients with fear of the dentist

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STATEMENT: The Equipo de la Torre Oral Unit explains the technique used in patients with fear of the dentist

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The so-called conscious sedation avoids hospital admissions that are more expensive than the treatment itself and provides tranquility and serenity to patients within their consciousness

Madrid, February 24, 2023.- On many occasions, patients do not go to their dentist for fear of sitting in the chair and just thinking about going to their dentist creates a state of anxiety that makes them not do it. do, neglecting your oral health. This can lead to having to undergo one or more treatments that are longer, more complex and more expensive than they would have been if you had gone to your specialist in the first place. For this reason, one of the procedures to make the visit more pleasant and less uncomfortable to the dentist is conscious sedation. Dr. Manuel de la Torre Fajardo, medical director of the Equipo de la Torre Buco-Dental Unit, explains that it is a technique that facilitates patient relaxation and allows treatments to be carried out more comfortably and effectively. It is especially indicated for people who are afraid of the dentist or who feel a high level of stress when they need to carry out some type of dental intervention. The patient remains conscious, but with a sensation of tranquility and serenity. It is an intravenous technique that facilitates the relaxation of patients, keeping them conscious at all times, but with a sensation of well-being. Conscious sedation is complementary to local anesthesia, which will also continue to be applied in the procedures that are being done normally, since it avoids pain, while conscious sedation avoids the patient's nerves and anxiety. This technique could be carried out This type of sedation can be carried out from tooth extraction, or oral hygiene, to root canals or other types of more complex interventions. In addition to intravenous application, there is another type of sedation, with nitrous oxide, which is less deep and is aspire for a mask. It is easier to apply and less expensive, and it would also be a good option for patients at the Equipo de la Torre Advanced Bucodental Unit, according to Dr. Natalia Berdós Cappelletti, head of dentistry and stomatology. It is necessary, yes , that the clinic has highly qualified professionals to carry it out and it is also necessary to always have the presence of an anesthetist during treatment. The clinic that is chosen, very few at the moment, need to have a specific certificate to carry out this type of sedation with a very complete equipment to carry it out:• Vital signs monitoring equipment• Pulsiometer to measure blood saturation oxygen• Constant flow of oxygen with nasal prongs• Sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure• Resuscitation equipment with defibrillator• Intravenous medication"It is possible, in any case, that we live the prolegomena of a stage in our lives in which going to the dentist is not is synonymous with being afraid but quite the opposite". Issuer: Oral Health Unit Torre Team

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