STATEMENT: The European Society for Social and Cultural Promotion awards the European Award for Best Company of the Year-I EDITION

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: The European Society for Social and Cultural Promotion awards the European Award for Best Company of the Year-I EDITION

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, December 19, 2022.

Last Friday, December 16, the Wellington Hotel in Madrid hosted an event organized by the European Society for Social and Cultural Promotion; the I Edition of the European Award for Best Company of the Year and which brings together a selection of professionals from different sectors

With an exceptional presenter, Jesús Álvarez, the evening began with the words of the President of the Society, Luis María Anson y Oliart, who was unable to attend the gala and congratulated the winners through a video. Speaking on behalf of the Society's Honorary Council were Dr. David Abejón, a renowned specialist in the Pain Unit, and Dr. Joseba Barroeta Urquiza, Managing Director of the most important hospitals in the country. The presenter began the act by awarding the Diploma of Honor to whom he would be the first winner, for his great career in the sport; Mr. Pablo Navascués, Spanish boxing champion and owner of the Club Deportivo Origen Thai Martín. Mr. David Pintos took the stage representing Mr. Fernando Romero Martínez, CEO of EiDF Solar, a leading company in industrial self-consumption nationwide and since 2021 the company is listed on the BME Growth. The next award was for Mr. Jordi Cerqueda Donadeu, from La Querola d'Ordino, a commitment to avant-garde architecture, innovation in design and an extraordinary example of environmentally sustainable urban growth .Then appeared D. Francisco J. Galán Marín; expert in hair transplant surgery with the most advanced techniques. He is a hair surgeon and director of his own .D. Clinic. Javier Moro Espinosa, from Bodegas Emilio Moro. Third generation that took over the winery that has some 300 hectares of its own vineyard, being part of the country's wine history. Mr. Héctor Medina Moro received the award on behalf of Mr. Atanasio Guerrero, CEO of Explotaciones Agrícolas Hermanos Guerrero Gémez, a company that has its roots in the countryside, in full expansion and employs 170 people committed to the quality of its products. The last prize of the night in person went to Mr. Fernando Rodríguez, CEO of Alimentación Polar España, a company that has been operating in the country since 2019, but which has 60 years of history, specializing in flour corn. The gala ended with the winners electronically and the first winner was Mr. Jesús Calleja Gil, CEO of Itai Pharma, a Spanish pharmaceutical laboratory, which was created with the intention of improving immunotherapy vaccines for human use. The second award was awarded to Mr. Javier Díaz, CEO of MIT SCHOOL. PhD in English Philology, with training in Chemistry, Psychology and Law. MIT School is the only school in Malaga authorized by the Junta de Andalucía as Bilingual. After the solemn delivery of the 1st Edition of the European Best Company of the Year Award, a gala dinner was offered followed by a networking table with an open bar.

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