STATEMENT: The Granollers City Council awards the new urban services contract to FCC Environment

(Information sent by the signing company).

STATEMENT: The Granollers City Council awards the new urban services contract to FCC Environment

(Information sent by the signing company)

Granollers City Council has awarded the new waste collection and street cleaning contract in the city to the UTE Sanejament Granollers, led by FCC Environment. The portfolio of the contract amounts to 47 million euros for the next 10 years

It is noteworthy that for the new service the fleet will be completely renewed, with about 70% electric vehicles, and the central park will have the recharging infrastructure for this new Zero Emissions machinery, which shows the commitment of the Granollers City Council with the sustainability of services and care for the environment. To attend to the almost 63,000 inhabitants of the city, there is a staff of 75 people and, among the milestones of the new contract, the cleaning service is reinforced on weekends and holidays and a new configuration of the collection service with mobile container platforms is proposed, in order to increase the percentage of current selective collection, through the implementation of smart containers with user identification and electronic closure. Regarding the collection of waste from the city, with more than 21,000 tons per year of residual, organic and bulky fractions, the service has d e 17 vehicles, all of them newly acquired, and new services are implemented, such as the collection of domestic oil or bulky items, with the intention of improving the current image of container locations. of the five fractions from Monday to Saturday. In the future, it is planned to expand the commercial collection service for the paper and cardboard fraction, and later for the packaging fraction. The homogenization of the entire containerization will be promoted in order to collect the five fractions in all locations, and a reinforcement service for lateral collection of the rest fraction will be implemented on Sundays. Likewise, a new location of a mobile platform for extra containers is included in order to reduce overflows in certain areas of the city with a rear cargo collection system. As for the street cleaning service, which covers 120 kilometers of streets, There are 31 newly acquired pieces of equipment, of which 77% are Zero Emissions. Electric tricycles and a self-supporting cart have been acquired to facilitate the transfer of personnel in sectors far from the starting point and/or with steep slopes. An electric self-propelled vacuum cleaner will also be incorporated in the center of the city. The increase in personnel on weekends and holidays stands out, specifically on Saturday practically the entire municipality will be served and on Sundays and holidays there will be, throughout the day, mixed sweeping and review teams for full hourly coverage . In addition, a comprehensive digital management platform will be implemented to monitor and control services, with all vehicles geolocated. One of the new features of the contract is the launch of a new street furniture and graffiti cleaning service that includes cleaning and periodic maintenance of the vertical elements (panels, lampposts, billboards...) of the public thoroughfare, as well as other unique elements of the city, such as the tower in Plaça Maluquer y Salvador, the mechanical ramps on Carles Riba street or the glass of the Plaza de les Olles. The graffiti, graffiti and deletion removal service will be carried out with cleaning products that respect the environment, applying anti-graffiti systems in those spaces where, due to their characteristics and recurrence, it is considered necessary. With the presentation of the novelties of these services, the campaign 'Objectiu Sostenibilitat! Fem the Click!' which wants to highlight the benefits that these improvements bring to the city and, at the same time, convey the need for a change in mentality as a society in order to move towards a better, greener and more sustainable city. Actions will be carried out to promote civility and responsible behavior that favor a change in habits and help achieve the objectives set by 2030. Among them, a Citizen Service Office will be set up, with free face-to-face, telephone and telematic assistance for petitions and queries related to the cleaning and waste collection service provided in the municipality; attention that will be given to both domestic and commercial users. FCC Environment is the FCC Group company that, for more than 120 years, has provided municipal services and comprehensive waste management, serving more than 60 million people in 5,200 municipalities around the world. It carries out a wide variety of activities for citizens, such as comprehensive waste management, street cleaning, maintenance of green areas or energy efficiency services, among others.

ContactContact name: FCC EnvironmentContact description: FCC EnvironmentContact telephone number: 91 757 3327

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