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It has modern facilities that meet quality standards, where the pet’s body is treated with the greatest care and respect possible. They offer the option of attending the wake in cozy rooms to say goodbye in the greatest privacy. In addition, a highly qualified team is available to help and advise during the process and make the best decision at all times. It collaborates with IRF Lasalle, a multidisciplinary clinic that provides online and in-person services, where its specialized psychology unit provides support to families who need help when overcoming the grief generated by the loss.

Incivet has a fleet of conditioned vehicles that is responsible for picking up the pet from the home or veterinary center. Subsequently, and once in their facilities, the staff proceeds to the reception and subsequent preparation for the farewell in a private wake room. Pet cremation is exclusively individual. The ashes are later delivered in an urn.

The facilities are unique in the Spanish pet funeral sector, a pioneer in the Community of Madrid and the central area of ​​the peninsula.

The team, from Incivet’s management staff to office staff and drivers, are expert and highly qualified professionals with a lot of experience in the funeral and veterinary sector, where their greatest quality is empathy with the client, whether they are pet owners. or veterinarian.


Arantxa Agirrebeña

Vet. INCIVET technical direction.