STATEMENT: The SM Foundation donates 30,000 books to children and young people who do not have easy access to reading

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: The SM Foundation donates 30,000 books to children and young people who do not have easy access to reading

(Information sent by the signatory company)

More than 30 national institutions participate in this campaign.

Madrid, December 19, 2022.- Reading is an essential element to achieve educational equity, which girls, boys and young people must be able to access under the same conditions. It is a very powerful practice for the emotional well-being of minors and educational success.

For this reason, this year, the SM Foundation donates 30,000 copies of children's and youth books to child protection organizations that carry out socio-educational intervention projects in Spain.

This solidarity initiative is part of the Páginas para soñar campaign, which since 2019 and with more than 200,000 books donated, has been carried out by the SM Foundation, through various actions that deepen its work in favor of educational equity and the promotion of reading among the young.

With this program, the SM Foundation wishes to contribute to ensuring that no girl or boy is left behind, making it possible for those who are in a situation of vulnerability or difficulty to enjoy reading that encourages their imagination and creativity.

The director of the SM Foundation, Mayte Ortiz, points out that this social program is intended to "bring closer motivating reading experiences that are the seeds that make each of them grow their love for reading in the places where they have the most needs".

We also want to give special thanks to the entities that participate in the campaign and their educators, who will make it possible through their projects for thousands of girls and boys to enjoy many pages to dream about soon.

The copies will be sent to the beneficiary organizations during the month of December.

To develop this project, the SM Foundation has the collaboration of different entities for the protection of children and the promotion of culture: foster homes for minors in the community of Madrid and Andalusia, first reception centers and temporary reception for migrant minors. and in a refugee situation from the Spanish Commission for Refugee Assistance (CEAR), the Messengers of Peace Foundation, the Tomillo Foundation, the Gypsy Secretariat Foundation, the Barró Association, the Federation of Valdoco Youth Centers, the Spanish Federation of Children with Cancer and the Amigó Foundation, among others.

Deliver reading to the places where it is most needed

The SM Foundation focuses its work on equity and equal educational opportunities for boys, girls and young people, especially those who are in a situation of vulnerability and exclusion. We work for the common good. For this reason, the donation will be distributed in childhood projects that work to reduce educational poverty.

As in previous editions, the SM Foundation will also donate batches of books to difficult-performing public and subsidized schools that serve minors and families at risk of exclusion.

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