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The leading human resources consultancy in the Spanish-German market heads again to Spain to recruit bus drivers for Germany

Spain, April 16, 2024.- The Spanish-German human resources company launches a job offer aimed at Spanish workers looking for a job opportunity in the German city of LandscheidTTA Personal GmbH, a leader in the insertion of Spaniards in Germany with more than 14 years of experience, he makes a job offer to fill 30 bus driver positions in Germany. The new workers will have to cover the expansion of new public transport bus lines that are being developed in the country. The selection process has already begun and those selected are expected to start working from July 1, 2024. All Interested people can register for the job offer at the following link:  https://tta-personal.es/30-plazas-de-conductor-de-autobus-en-landscheid-alemania/Those who want to send their candidacy To the job offer they must meet the following requirements:•  Class D driving license•  CAP in force•  Spanish nationality•  Desire and motivationThe people who are selected will have an indefinite contract and a competitive salary within the sector. In addition, the job offer also takes into account the difficulties and expenses involved in moving to another country to work, so accommodation in the destination, financing the move and travel from Spain are also contemplated. The positions of work are intended to cover the urban and interurban public lines that circulate through the towns of Landscheid, Morbach, Thalfang and Merschbach. TTA Personal will be in charge of being the intermediary between the German company and the Spanish workers, in such a way that the entire organization of the project, from the arrival of the new drivers to everything related to accommodation or teaching of the lines, will be carried out. by the human resources consultancy with the aim of ensuring that the integration of new employees is the best possible. On the other hand, with the aim of achieving the best adaptation of Spanish workers in Germany, employees will also have access to a free German course to improve your knowledge of the language, among other advantages.About TTA Personal “We are the leading Human Resources consultancy in the placement of Hispanic professionals throughout Germany. We work so that everyone has the opportunity to access to the labor market that you deserve in accordance with your experience and skills.” TTA Personal has focused on the German labor market due to the stable conditions and future projection of employment, which is why they ensure that workers have indefinite contracts with competitive salaries. . But above all, the human resources consultancy makes a difference in terms of the integration of Spanish employees in Germany. So they seek the greatest adaptation and minimize the inconveniences that this professional change implies. More information: https://tta-personal.es

ContactContact name: Vicente MilanContact description: TTA Personal GmbHContact phone: 03012076196