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Wine Gogh, painting with light in an environment where peace and well-being reign above all learning, a secret place yet to be discovered

Spain, April 8, 2024.- With a revolutionary focus on therapeutic art, the academy has established itself as the most innovative and divine experience in Wine Gogh Madrid, Barcelona Seville and Valencia, taking its participants to “touch the sky” through their painting classes with fluorescent paint in a magical environment that gives them the sensation of painting with light. This unique concept, fusing art with art and wine sessions, has not only transformed the way individuals approach creativity, but has also set a new standard in wellness and art therapy.Under neon lights, Participants immerse themselves in a world where illuminated painting becomes the means to explore their interiority and express their deepest emotions. Painting classes, beyond being a simple art lesson, are a spiritual journey that invites introspection and catharsis, promoting the emotional and mental well-being of each attendee.”Wine Gogh, art as a form of therapy and self-knowledge. The sessions are not only designed to teach painting techniques, but to offer a refuge where students can free themselves from their daily worries and connect with something bigger than themselves,” explains a Wine Gogh teacher. “It is a divine experience, an opportunity to touch the sky and above all learn to paint.” Vibrant colors and lights bring artworks to life in a way that transcends the traditional painting experience, turning each piece into a luminous reflection of the artist’s psyche. This approach not only makes the experience accessible to people of all artistic abilities, but also ensures that each participant takes away with them a work of art as unique and special as their own thoughts and emotions. The popularity of these Wine classes Gogh Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona and Seville has shown people’s deep desire to find forms of expression that are at the same time liberating and healing. “I never thought that the act of painting could have such a profound effect of well-being. Wine Gogh has opened a door to a world, without fear or reservations,” shares an excited participant. With the success of the art classes with painting that illuminates , Wine Gogh plans to expand its offering, bringing this divine and therapeutic experience to more people seeking a deeper connection with art and themselves. These classes are a testament to the power of art to heal, connect and beautify lives in sometimes complicated ways. For more information on how to participate in these unique art classes, visit the Wine Gogh website. “Don’t miss the opportunity to live an experience that will not only illuminate your world with vibrant colors under neon, but will also offer you a completely new perspective on what it means to be creative and alive,” they explain.

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