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Dr. Yily De Los Santos is part of the more than 200 plastic surgeons that make up lipotourism in the Dominican Republic through the clinic, Yily Plástica

Dominican Republic, February 27, 2023.- The Dominican Republic is a tourist country, geographically. And, part of its tourism focuses on medical tourism. The dental area stands out, for example, with services such as dental implants.

However, an average of 80,000 operations a year are related to plastic surgery, according to data from the Dominican Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (Sodocipre). The Dominican Republic is a benchmark in this area along with other Latin American countries such as Venezuela, Brazil or Colombia.

Yily De Los Santos: 12 years of experience as a plastic surgeon in the Dominican Republic Currently, there are around 220 certified plastic surgeons in a country of almost 11 million inhabitants. Among them, the plastic surgeon in the Dominican Republic, Yily De Los Santos, stands out.

Twelve years of experience guarantee his professionalism, attracting patients from the United States, Canada, Latin America, the United Kingdom and other European countries. “Most of my patients come from the United States and Europe, but I have also had from Arabia and Thailand,” explains the plastic surgeon in the Dominican Republic.

Yily De Los Santos, through Yily Plástica, is also part of this type of tourism, already dubbed ‘lipotourism’. Dominican plastic surgery clinics offer packages that include the operation, pre- and postoperative diagnosis with all the necessary care.

“Yily Plástica offers complete care, which begins with the patient’s pick-up at the airport, transfer to our center, and the required stay, which regularly extends up to fourteen days,” says Dr. Yily De Los Santos. .

Its center is located in Santo Domingo and is made up of numerous professionals: plastic surgeons, assistants, nurses, coordinators, office assistants, and administrators.

“It is a medium-sized company with a projection on a larger scale. Currently, I am in a medical center where my staff is enough to care for all my patients,” says Yily De Los Santos.

The operations of the plastic surgeon in the Dominican Republic, Yily De Los Santos The most frequent operations in the Dominican Republic are liposculpture, breast surgery and fat transfer to the buttocks. These services and many more are offered by Yily De Los Santos.

Yily Plástica’s procedures include abdominoplasty, breast lift and augmentation, facelift, liposculpture and liposuction, Brazilian butt lift (BBL) and arm lift surgery.

“The operative process begins, if possible, with a video call with the patient, and already in the Dominican Republic, with a prior diagnosis, the operation and the postoperative period, which persists for up to three months and which he already carries out from his residence” , specifies Yily De Los Santos.

With the experience of hundreds of patients, Dr. Yily De Los Santos is oriented to offer her training and skills with the utmost dedication.

“My patients are my masterpieces and I am proud to see the immediate and timely results of each of them in the postoperative period,” says Dr. Yily De Los Santos.

The academic training of the plastic surgeon in the Dominican Republic, Yily De Los Santos She completed her residency in General Medicine and Surgery at the Padre Billini Teaching Hospital in Santo Domingo. She studied Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Medicine at the Dr. Carlos Arvelo Military Hospital in Caracas, Venezuela. “I specialize more in lipomarking and the tummy tuck,” details plastic surgeon Yily De Los Santos.

Dr. Yily De Los Santos is a benchmark in her sector in the Dominican Republic. “Being a country brand and an ambassador for women through plastic surgery is the vision of Yily Plástica,” explains Yily De Los Santos.

The characteristics of the Dominican Republic as medical tourism

The Dominican Republic is a very attractive medical destination due to budget, climate, comfort and geography. Its strategic location places it a two-hour flight from Miami and three from New York.

The warmth and professionalism of Dominican specialists in plastic surgery is another of the characteristics that patients take into account when they travel to the country.

“Surgery is to return the physiological part lost by the passage of time. It is a beautiful profession not only for making aesthetic changes caused by old age, but also for my reconstructive function, for example, in an accident”, says Dr. Yily De The Saints.

The Dominican Republic is a benchmark in medical tourism in Latin America. It is only surpassed by Costa Rica, which focuses on dental services. “One of my objectives is to inspire more colleagues from my country about medical tourism and the development of their career parallel to their daily life”, concludes the plastic surgeon in the Dominican Republic, Yily De Los Santos.


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