Streaming services: Onlineabos from Netflix and Co. now available throughout the EU

Consumers can now use films and music throughout the EU. A new regulation by the Commission in Brussels has ended so-called geoblocking.

Streaming services: Onlineabos from Netflix and Co. now available throughout the EU

In EU, a new EU regulation will be in place this Sunday, according to which providers of paid Streamingdiensten such as Netflix, Spotify or SkyGo have to offer ir customers ir subscriptions in EU abroad as well. So far, bestehtaufgrund a certain form of geoblocking often has no clicks on limited access to contents of home country. EU digital Commissioner MarijaGabriel already said last week of a "VirtuellenErweiterung of luggage".

If consumers from abroad log in to streaming service, y must first check ir customers ' DenWohnsitz using ir credit card or DerIP address. The new rule should apply to travelers who find for a limited time abroad. The Abopreisedürfen refore not be raised.

Free content providers do not fall under new rule – y can aberanschließen.

From point of view of consumer protection,) Regulation (is an important step. In past SeienOnlineabos was worthless due to outdated copyright rules, as soon as users crossed border to anor country, said Johannes Kleist, spokesman of European VerbraucherverbandsBEUC. In his estimation, users should be given Abergrundsätzlich opportunity to access content from or countries.

SPD-EuropapolitikerTiemo Wölken called new regulation consumer Undbürgerfreundlich. "It is absurd that providers of Bisherdigitale content, which are basically quickly and easily übertragbarund available, refer to national barriers," said dasMitglied of Committee on Legal Affairs. "People are also entitled to derselbeLeistungsumfang ir paid subscriptions in EU countries."

The Consumer Central Federation (VZBV) criticizes still existing exceptions for livestreams and media counters VonFernsehsendern. It is "in Europe's very own interest that citizens can use cultural and information services from of EU," said VZBV expert Martin Madej. Individual channels such as public service YLE in Finland and of francophone Belgian broadcasting RTBF have To apply EU rules on payment offers voluntarily.

Date Of Update: 02 April 2018, 12:03

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