Successfully in the Home Office: Ten tips for more efficient Working from home

What need mobile employees to be able to on-the-go, or from home to work efficiently? 1. Room for work create The Home Office is to serve the work. This focus

What need mobile employees to be able to on-the-go, or from home to work efficiently?

1. Room for work

create The Home Office is to serve the work. This focus is best achieved in an enclosed area, ideally in a separate room. But also a wall can be sufficient to form a space in the room.

Who talked a lot - and Video-communication uses, you should choose a equipment which produces no unwanted reverb. Who leads frequent video conferences, should provide a sufficient, but not to flash lighting and for order in the field of view of the camera.

2. Ergonomics against back problems

An ergonomically designed workplace is preventing back and other ailments. To Work equipped with a height-adjustable office chair and a suitable Desk. An additional standing Desk can provide variety in the working position.

Other important factors for a healthy working environment, appropriate lighting and the correct placement of the screen is not in front of the window, looking in the direction from top to bottom. About the author

Frank Harter, Vice President of DocuSign for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, a provider of electronic signatures in the Cloud.

3. High-performance technology

In Detail the requirements for the technical equipment of the home workplace differ depending on the task of the user. The tools used should meet the following requirements:

PC or Laptop in addition to sufficient computing power and storage space for all the required applications, a low-noise cooling is important.

screen: easy on the Eye, he must be high-resolution and space for several parallel programs open. Anyone who travels a lot and so a Laptop with a small Display uses, should indulge in in addition, a large screen in the workplace.

keyboard: Rattling is.... A dampening pad is in the case of telephone or video conferences is important.

mouse: Special pads for the hands and forearms, which due to frequent double-click, cold documents, and incorrect posture in front of the Computer, pain in the Arm and shoulder to develop.

web link: Fast, safe and stable, with at least 50 MB/s.

wireless LAN: performance and security are just as important as easy handling.

telephone: the handset, Headset, and Business functions such as forwarding, conference call and listening Standards, which should satisfy even a Softphone on the PC.

printer: Modern multi-function devices for Printing, scanning, Copying and faxing work only quiet, but also resource-friendly.

Software: Professional Office applications are available for most of the activities are essential. And as a Cloud Service, you simply have to.

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4. Electronic signature speeds up processes

Without documents any business processes. Also home-workers need to applications, purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, statements, opinions, contracts, or policies, write, change, process and store. For this, they use different applications and formats.

legally valid, these documents are only signed. An easy-to-use solution for Signing digital documents from the Cloud and therefore belongs to the basic equipment in the Home Office. With electronic signatures, documents can be signed so quickly and easily as an E-Mail was legally and shipped – even from mobile devices such as Tablet or Smartphone.

5. Digital collaboration requires a personality

Good cooperation is based on mutual trust. Home-Office workers should therefore have their Profiles on platforms for Web-based collaboration, with photos and information on the Person to anonymity to reduce.

forums, Team-Rooms can also be a sharing on the last vacation or a current movie.

6. Clear rules with each other

Inefficient Online promote Meetings not only damage the Image of the Home-Office model, but also the success of distributed Teams. Especially employees who work mostly at home, should adhere to rules that help to promote the productivity of the team.

So time and accessibility should be regulated in a binding manner, punctuality, of course, and the results are documented.

7. Without security and data protection nothing is

A Must-have security and privacy. The provisions of the EU data protection basic regulation (DSGVO) apply to the Home Office as well as on-the-job in the company. Among the most important Standards for encryption of data during Transmission and in storage, virus protection, Firewall, and Multiple authentication.

regular Updates and Patches of the operating system and all other programs will be Added. Password authentication for all devices are as important as regular, automated Backups.

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8. Pension secures business processes

Without functioning hardware and Software is the work of the Home Office is impossible. What happens when devices or applications fail, should therefore be taken into account at the planning stage.

warranty extensions and Business Support contracts to help in the case of the cases as quickly as possible.

9. Communication Central

E-Mail, Voice-Mail, text messages, Instant Messaging, – the range and variety of news we get on the road and off, is immense. Huge, the number of Apps available for the different communication channels. Content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2020 As much net not the gross

the diversity is the Problem, it is good to use a Tool that supports the focus on collaboration in Teams and projects. The Apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams do, by supporting web-based communication via a group chat, direct message, or voice call.

In addition, you can organize groups and Content in a Hub, or Workspace so that certain content can just as quickly find the Overview of the Status of a project.

10. Cloud storage

If you forget, the work done to save it, or if the Laptop moves suddenly down, because he has no power, you lose results and time. Who uses a Cloud storage like One Drive or Google Drive, can't worry in such cases, because the files are protected outside of the terminal and stored.

Even if the device is defective, the data remains available. In addition, the Save files in the Cloud is a safe and easy method, to share with colleagues or customers in other locations.

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Date Of Update: 10 May 2022, 16:15