Swiss Money Game Law: the state always wins. But how much longer?

Swiss should be allowed to play legally in online casinos. That's what the new money-play law wants. The proposal was undisputed in Parliament. But the vote is heated. As always when it comes to Lotto, Roulette amp; Co.

Swiss Money Game Law: the state always wins. But how much longer?
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    The debate in National Council was already a few hours old, when green Balthasar Glättli joined lectern. "The Money Game is a sin against Protestant ethic of capitalism," he explained, "because it is just an image of real-existing capitalism: it is not knowledge, not can, but pure happiness, which leads to someone at expense of all Vie will be very rich. " Now Glättli, whom y called Jesus in school, did not want to follow his spontaneous reflex and forbid evil. He holds it with play of drugs: legalize and control. And yet, this March morning, a year ago, something was penetrating money-playing debate in Switzerland: Christian morality.

    On June 10th Swiss will decide on a new money game law. It is a seemingly uncontested submission, but it merely transforms what a constitutional article has been doing for six years. At that time, in March 2012, people decided with record-breaking 87 percent votes to continue to regulate money games strictly state.

    If you want to run a casino in Switzerland, you need a federal concession. If you want to carry out a lottery or sports betting in Switzerland, you need a cantonal approval. Now, however, operation of online casinos should be possible, and law also stipulates: All profits must be made for charitable purposes.

    So far, so good and undisputed.

    Neverless, resistance to new Money game law is now stirring, from left to right, led by young parties.

    This article comes from time No. 16/2018. Here you can read entire output.

    For one, opponents interfere with network locks that law provides. Therefore, that websites of illegal, i.e. non-licensed online casinos and bookmakers are blocked for users from Switzerland.

    On or, it annoys what has been case for casinos and lotteries ever since: They are state select money laxatives. They are monopolies, which are also to be protected from foreign competition in digital age. Because an online casino can only operate who holds a concession to a physical Swiss casino.

    Thus, vote on June 10 will be a plebiscite on digital economy and its disruptive power.

    "I say it quite directly, casinos have prevailed here." Federal Councillor Simonetta Sommaruga, as Minister of Justice also responsible for gambling, did not try to explain or conceal anything at all when she was mentioned in National Council debate on this pass in law. It was not surprising. The new constitutional article was already based on political influence of money game industry.

    In spring of 2008, Loterie Romande launched a popular initiative entitled "For money games in service of common good". What sounded sympatic, quickly found broad support: One and a half years later, 170,000 signatures were gared toger.

    The Loterie Romande, however, was not primarily about sports associations or cultural institutions that presented m with ir money, but about business.

    Opponents of Money Game Act are not unorganized Radikalinskis

    The initiative was a direct response to a decision by Gaming Banking Commission, which watches over money game industry. She decided that so-called Tactilo devices are not games of skill but luck and refore have nothing to look for in restaurants and bars where Loterie Romanesque had set up apparatus. They belong in a casino. Thus, Loterie lost a third of its annual profit.

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