Take Your Auto Repair Shop to the Next Level With Clover Station

As you update your inventory and garage, don’t forget to check out the latest auto repair POS system.

Take Your Auto Repair Shop to the Next Level With Clover Station

As you update your inventory and garage, don’t forget to check out the latest auto repair POS system. Your auto repair shop deserves the best in terms of streamlined reporting, ultimate safety and hassle-free payment processing. Discover how you can grow your business with a new POS system today. Don’t let a slow computer or lack of payment options stall your auto repair shop, but upgrade today.

Accurate Payroll Reporting

As payroll nears, be sure you have access to the latest, up-to-date payroll information. Keeping track of hours can be difficult, particularly in a larger auto repair shop. Give your technicians an easy way to clock in and out, and monitor overtime and other payroll features easily with your new Clover Station POS system.

If there’s any issues with payroll or time sheets, Clover makes it easy to edit time sheets, review payroll information and more. Other systems can be difficult to understand, which may cause your employees to inaccurately clock in and out.

Detailed Financial Statements

Choose a premium merchant account POS system today to utilize in-depth financial reporting. Keep track of all your expenses, income and inventory easily. In a bustling auto repair shop, it can be difficult to manage all your orders and financing. Clover Station systems make it easy to print out detailed reports for any financial statement, project or inventory management need.

Tracking inventory has never been easier. A Clover Station comes with a dedicated inventory tracking software system, so you can keep tabs on everything from tires and spark plugs to special-order parts.

Convenient Processing for Employees

Your employees don’t want to spend time waiting for credit cards to process. Busy mechanics and auto repair technicians shouldn’t be waiting on a credit, but should be dealing with crises in the garage. A Clover Station includes innovative software to streamline the purchasing process.

Whether your customers use cash, EMV chip cards, debit cards or mobile payment apps, Clover software helps your employees process them all easily and efficiently. Streamlined processing can result in more productive employees and increased profits.

Safe Transactions for Customers

Customers need to know their card information is safe with your company. Swiping a credit card for an oil change or a new set of tires puts trust in your company. A Clover Station uses the latest security features to ensure credit card information is safe. Regardless of the payment method used, you and your customers can be confident in a secure transaction.

Because a Clover Station is an all-in-one processing system, you won’t have to rely on third-party chip readers or other processing tools. This can decrease the risk of credit card fraud and prevent customers’ information being stolen by a card reader or third-party individual.

Upgrade to a Clover Station Today

Compare the Clover Station POS system with your old system to discover how you can improve your auto repair business. Take your shop to the next level with innovative tools, talented employees and a high-tech POS system. Learn more about the affordable rates and flexible features of a Clover Station today.

Updated Date: 29 November 2019, 22:31

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