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the consequences of The Coronavirus epidemic in China will be meeting in the next few weeks, reinforced Germany's industry and trade. Since many Chinese factor

the consequences of The Coronavirus epidemic in China will be meeting in the next few weeks, reinforced Germany's industry and trade. Since many Chinese factories were for weeks still, and also currently only limited work, lack of intermediate products, parts or complete products in Germany, processed or sold. Is affected, among other things, the electronics industry. Are disturbed not only imports, but also deliveries to China.

Actually, the EU wanted to advise Secretary of Commerce on Thursday about the issue, but the Meeting is cancelled. The average time of transport from China to Europe by sea is six weeks, about the country by freight train on the New silk road is about three weeks. Therefore, the impact of China's Corona by beat-at a standstill now with the delay on production and trade in Europe.

"Several companies report errors"

With imports of 52 billion euros, China is the "largest foreign supplier for the German electrical market," says Andreas Gontermann, chief economist of the Central Association of the electrical and electronics industry (ZVEI). "The delivery problems of concern to the industry nationwide," he says. "A number of companies report disruptions in the supply and production chains."

Gontermann estimated the volume of the from China to Germany-supplied intermediate products to a value of 10 billion euros in the year. "How much of that supply is at risk, it is difficult to estimate," says GP.

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supply bottlenecks and rising prices in April

't done it yet: "in Addition, inputs from other countries can also contain Chinese inputs," he explains. So the Japanese and the South Korean economy is run braked currently, both countries are very important for the electronics industry.

the consumer will feel, in all likelihood, the impact in the electric markets. "Currently there is no supply bottlenecks due to the restrictions of the Coronavirus notice, currently, we expect for April, with the first possible delivery bottlenecks and the increase of goods prices", says Alexander Maier, Senior Vice President at Ingram Micro, a in the Munich suburb of Aschheim, Germany-based wholesaler for electrical and electronic products. "We are currently working on strategies to this effect to react quickly and to continue to offer our customers the best possible availability of goods."

"sight development"

Concerned about the auto industry. "Currently, the production runs at all of our locations," says an Audi spokesperson in Ingolstadt. "It is not of course foresee how the situation in the medium term – to develop, in particular, with a view to the supply chain. Any threat of bottlenecks, we try by means of targeted measures to mitigate.“

Audi's sitting in Bavaria, where the companies are particularly dependent on foreign countries and more than half of their sales outside of the German borders generate. "Supply chains between China and Bavaria are interrupted and will be interrupted from today's perspective, in the coming weeks, still more, if, for example, pre-crisis products are processed and no further offspring," says Bertram Brossardt, the chief Executive of the Association of the Bavarian economy (vbw).

the pharmaceutical giant of India stops export of Paracetamol and antibiotics

The most important import goods from China for the Bavarian economy are data processing devices, electronic and optical products, electrical equipment and machinery. "We expect a disruption of the supply chains in is approximately proportional to the volume of the individual product groups," said Brossardt. This should analogously apply to companies in the Rest of the Republic, which are supplied from China.

To outsiders, the impact on the supply of drugs to assess. According to the Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices in Bonn, there are currently no Coronavirus-related bottlenecks. However, India has made many generic drugs for the world market – last week, the export 26 common ingredients limited, including Paracetamol and antibiotics.

The pharmaceutical Association prog Erika explains, you assume, "that it comes until the summer of 2020 due to the Corona to bottlenecks in the supply in Germany". What comes then? "Not yet in sight."


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Date Of Update: 10 May 2022, 16:10

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