Tips on Communicating Your Package Design Ideas Clearly

Designing a product label is not easy, and it takes a lot of time

Tips on Communicating Your Package Design Ideas Clearly

Designing a product label is not easy, and it takes a lot of time. The packaging is also part of your company’s branding and advertising. When the product does not look good, it could affect people’s decision to buy the products that you offer.

It is crucial to have a label that is attractive enough so that even from afar, people will know that it is your product that they are going to buy. You also need to consider that when they purchase these items from the shelves in stores, there are other competing products. If the competitors have something more interesting, you lose the chance of increasing your profit.

The key is to have a clear communication strategy with the person designing the product label. Whether you are asking someone from your team to do the job, or you outsource this task, you need to be clear about your ideas.


You need to brainstorm ideas first before you start working. It could be with your marketing team or random employees of your company. They might have ideas on how to improve your product label, and these ideas could be useful as you design a new one. When brainstorming, be open to suggestions, and don't eliminate ideas right away if you deem them to be inappropriate, as they could still be useful.

Take time to know your designer

If you are the one to relay the message to your designer about your plan for the product packaging, you need to speak first to each other about random things. It helps ease the tension, as the next phase of your conversation could be a bit tense. Once you are comfortable with each other, you can start talking about your plans for the label. 

Be straightforward

The goal is to relay the vision of your company to the designer. If the designer also has other ideas, there is nothing wrong with integrating them with what you have in mind. However, it is still your company's product, so it needs to reflect the company well.

Don’t hesitate to make revisions

Whoever you hire to deal with the packaging design will most likely understand the changes you make along the way. Even your original idea could be different as you see the design on the computer. When you look at the printed labels, you might also change your mind. It is annoying and frustrating, but you need to do it. Otherwise, you will settle for a label that looks okay but is not appealing enough to attract attention. 

Take your time to relay your ideas about the labels of your product. Ask other employees to vote on the designs so that you are sure that it is a reflection of your company. The other members of your team also know the company’s vision, and allowing them to make a decision helps you succeed. Evaluate the final design once you start using it, and make changes if necessary. 


Updated Date: 09 October 2018, 03:01

Recep Karaca

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