Vallsur launches 'Date al play', a campaign to combat sedentary lifestyle and promote physical activity

Valladolid, October 20, 2022.

Vallsur launches 'Date al play', a campaign to combat sedentary lifestyle and promote physical activity

Valladolid, October 20, 2022.- A sedentary lifestyle is the fourth mortality problem worldwide. For this reason, Vallsur has launched the 'Date al Play' campaign, an event that invites people to practice sports and physical activity to combat a sedentary lifestyle and which will be held from October 20 to 23 in the Valladolid shopping center.

The presentation of this initiative has had the assistance and support of Francisco Javier González Vega, Deputy for Sports and Youth; Alberto Palomino Echegoyen, General Delegate Councilor for Public Health and Citizen Security; Luis Ángel Vélez Santiago, Councilor General Delegate for Mobility and Urban Space, and Pablo Pérez, manager of Vallsur, who wanted to positively assess the involvement of the shopping center with the people of Valladolid in its commitment to contributing to their health and quality of life.

“In Spain, a sedentary lifestyle is associated with 15% of deaths with an average of 150 deaths per day. For this reason, 'Date al play' proposes a series of different challenges and activities with which to make Vallsur visitors aware of the importance of practicing physical exercise as a fundamental part of encouraging the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle”, he explains. Pablo Pérez, manager of Vallsur.

Vallsur visitors will be able to participate in this campaign and find out the status of their physical activity, carry out different sports practices, and participate in different raffles. To do this, in a first phase, they must answer the questions of the 'Quiz against sedentary lifestyle', to measure their level of physical activity, in the hands of experts who will inform them about their state. Once the questionnaire has been completed, they will also be able to find out if they have been awarded one of the thousands of sports-related gifts.

Then, in the second phase, the 'Date to Play Challenge' takes place, in which they will have to complete two minutes of physical activity on a stationary bicycle, while a large screen shows messages of encouragement and advice. Once this challenge is over, they will get a voucher for a refreshing drink to enjoy in one of the shopping center's restaurants, as well as a participation in the grand final prize: a multi-adventure activity for two people.

To complete the conference and promote the practice of physical activity, Vallsur will have the presence of various sports experts. Thus, a fencing master class will be held by the Valladolid Fencing Club, there will also be Zumba classes with the choreographer Juan Manuel Vera, and Real Valladolid Basketball players, Jordy Kuiper, Kevin Allen, Dominic Gilbert and Sergio de la Fuente, will come to sign autographs for all their followers.

In addition, the 'Meet and Play' web space has been made available to all the participants and inhabitants of Valladolid, where the sports activities that take place in the city and in the shopping center will be displayed, as well as useful information, good practices, tips and advice, which will help to end a sedentary life. And with the aim of connecting with all audiences, a fun filter has been created on the Vallsur Instagram account, to encourage users to practice some sport and immortalize the moment.

This action, carried out in collaboration with Castellana Properties, is taking place at a national level and is taking place in all the company's shopping centres. It is part of its strong commitment to generating a positive social impact in those communities in which it is present, as well as among its own employees.

'Date to Play' in Vallsur

- DATE: from October 20 to 23


Thursday: 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Friday: 2:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Saturday: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Sunday: 15 to 21 hours.

- PLACE: ground floor Central Zone in front of Reception.