Virtual world: The Secret hunter of Minecraft

The game Minecraft is known for colourful block worlds. But behind this backdrop, players have hidden gloomy messages. A team wants to find them all.

Virtual world: The Secret hunter of Minecraft
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    Minecraft is one of best-selling and best-known video games ever: More than 144 million times, craft game has been wandering shop counter since 2009, it has become synonymous with creativity in video games.

    Even today, nine years after appearing, re is still a lot going on in this virtual world: on thousands of servers, more than 75 million players build around ir homes, castles and cities every day, which y n take pride in Let's plays, i.e. online recording of game, photo galleries and Internet forums. But world of Minecraft consists of even more than just pompous buildings and works of art of fans.

    Hundreds of thousands of messages and legacies are scattered on orphaned servers. Some players are probably no longer active. But ir traces are still re: empty buildings, Greetings, diary entries and desperately sounding monologues that were gekrakelt on wall. A small community of players has now made it ir mission to track down se forgotten messages.

    The almost 50 adventurers are led by Matt. The Minecraft player also has a home, but doesn't want to give it up because he wants to keep his real identity separate from his virtual. Matt's most exciting finds include a shrine with a lot of greeting messages, as he tells online in an interview with time: "In middle of nowhere, I discovered a small island where someone apparently built a kind of grave for a player named ' Charlie '." In addition to carefully placed flowers and torches, Matt also discovers a farewell message: "Rest in peace Charlie. Student, gamer, friend. No one here knew him, but I will never forget him. "

    The virtual tomb of a player named Charlie who discovered Matt on a lonely island © screenshot Matt/Mojang

    Matt has no way of figuring out who built tomb, and wher he really stumbled upon memory of an actual deceased man. He only has discovery and stories he has painted himself.

    The virtual world is full of undiscovered secrets

    Morbid finds, like tomb on island, are anything but rare. Matt reports of a trip to a vast column system that a player has dug up and n paved with messages that sound depressive and hopeless: "When I kill myself today, world continues to turn," I'm desperate and Wants everything to end "or" Today I go last step "is written here on virtual walls and on ground. It is a troubling sight. Matt and his team are trying not to allow such finds to become too much of mselves: "I'm glad to say that se messages are harmless monologues that se players wanted to make a little air of. After all, most of se messages are so well hidden that nobody can actually find m. "

    Updated Date: 17 March 2018, 12:03

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