Women's rights in Turkey: How to beat your wife?

Last year, in Turkey, 409 women were killed by male violence. The numbers are rising. Islamists are fighting against emancipation.

Women's rights in Turkey: How to beat your wife?
Last year, in Turkey, 409 women were killed by male violence. The numbers are rising. Islamists are fighting against emancipation. 10 March 2018, 17:49 UhrEditiert on 10 March 2018, 17:49 Uhr131 comments

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A TV preacher on screen. He explains how to beat a woman according to Islamic rules: "Do not slap m above neck, not in face, not on chest, not in cross. Ball hand not to fist. Do not use a stick longer than a ruler. Beating and ranting should remain in your own four walls. Dirty laundry is washed at home. "

Can Dündar

is editor-in-chief of Internet platform Özgürüz. He is now writing for Us Weekly about crisis in Turkey.

Then he comes to talk about motive for beating: "Our religion does not allow man to beat, so that he mistreats his wife, but to drain off steam. For when he tears his patience, he begins to see a second woman even in power poles. The woman should be thankful if her husband beats her. "

As you know, most men do not follow advice of Hodja's to fight with care. Last year alone, 409 women were killed by male violence in Turkey. Compared to previous year, this was an increase of one quarter. Women are now mostly killed by husbands or partners or ex-spouses and ex-partners. 332 women were victims of sexual violence in Turkey in 2017. These figures show that, despite Islamic motto "paradise lies under feet of mors", women in Turkey are now in hell under feet of men.

When Turkish Republic gave women right to vote and to stand as a candidate, y wrote year 1934, at that time women had only a few European states. In Turkey, on road to modernism, women began to overcome discriminatory strict religious rules, to leave house and to play a role in public life, administration, government, science and art.

The fight against secularism in last fifteen years, however, has also led to massive erosions in women's achievements. With sentence: "Women who are not mors because y work are only half women", President Erdoğan made his point clearly. Islamist politicians refer women back to House who are committed to full equality.

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Currently, women and men are divided again in Turkey, as was Ottoman Empire. The press decorates advertisements of hotels with separate beaches and swimming pools for women. In demand are restaurants that hold separate rooms for women. In four Anatolian cities, buses were already operating for women only.

The expert for beating wife announced in anor sermon that it was religiously inadmissible that women ride in elevator with strange men. A professor of ology last week called on Ministry of Health to separate men and women from intensive care units and to have women treated by female men from male doctors.

The columnist of an Islamist newspaper lamented, in sport dress of figure skaters and volleyball players, body lines were distinguished, which is "incompatible with our national and moral values". In a sermon spread in social media, it was said: "From puberty of her son, a mor must not wear body-stressed clos in his presence, which seduces him to lust." The same preacher proclaimed, girls who entered illegitimate relations should be cut through throat instead of burying m alive as before.

Women are confronted with such a demonisation campaign, while on or hand y are struggling against increasing family violence, ever-increasing cases of rape, marriage of underage girls and dominant male despotism.

When women went to streets on weekend before Women's Day on 8 March, y faced police violence. In pouring rain y were beaten down, but shouted undaunted furr:

"We are not silent. We're not afraid. We do not obey. "

From Turkish by Sabine Adatepe

Updated Date: 11 March 2018, 12:03

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