The Late Casino Tycoon and GOP Kingmaker Sheldon Adelson's Wife Stages a Return to Politics

The $30 billion woman and the republican mega-donor Miriam Adelson are now preparing for the forthcoming 2022 midterms

The Late Casino Tycoon and GOP Kingmaker Sheldon Adelson's Wife Stages a Return to Politics

The $30 billion woman and the republican mega-donor Miriam Adelson are now preparing for the forthcoming 2022 midterms. Miriam is currently attending her first political meetings since her husband's death early this year. Her husband, Sheldon, died after battling a long illness and was a force to reckon with in U.S. domestic and international politics. He was a casino mogul, having a casino empire spanning from Las Vegas to China and beyond.

For the past few days, Miriam Adelson has held a private meeting with a select group of GOP leadership and some of the 2024 potential candidates. Together with her husband, they become the Republican Party's most powerful donor couple. Since her husband's demise, Adelson has not opened her chequebook and maintained a low political profile.  Before you continue reading, take time to look at Vegas online casino games.

Ready to Dish Out More Checks

Adelson, 75, is not relentless in spending more on checks to pave the way for the success of the Republican Party. Her family has so far contributed more than $500 billion—the recent political discussions aligned with the Jewish Coalition's annual conference.

The House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy and Rick Scott, the National Republican Senatorial Committee chair, are the secret GOP leaders she met. Our reliable sources confirm that these people will guide the formation and strategies of the midterm plans. Her hopeful 2024 presidential aspirants are the former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, the U.S. Vice president, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Adelson's family have had the power to make or break the Republican Party over the last decade. They dished out seven to eight-figure checks, which have kept the party afloat. They have become the top donors in Republicans' history for the last five elections consecutively. The former U.S. President Donald Trump, for instance, received a whopping $5 million check from the Adelson's to ensure a smooth flow of inauguration festivities. The Center for Responsive

Politics, an independent and nonpartisan research institution aimed at tracking political donations, places Adelson in the top giving to federal candidates and super PACs.

The former U.S. President Donald Trump, during his reelection bid, received over $91 million to support his campaign. Miriam Adelson has changed this family tradition after her husband's death following a two-year battle with Hodgkin lymphoma. Close associates, however, attribute the stopping of her political giving as part of the Jewish tradition, which demands that the Jewish faith followers mourn for at least one year upon losing a loved one. Sheldon was laid to rest in Jerusalem on 15th January 2021.

Adelson Net Worth

Forbes attributes Adelson's wealth to at least $30 billion. She has since become a key shareholder in Sands Corporation, a significant player in the casino industry in the world. She has also focused on completing pending business deals like selling the $6.25 billion Las Vegas family property. Adelson seeks to establish a critical family business success in the casino industry. As Sands extends its reach in Macau and Singapore markets, Adelson is opening her presence in Florida and Texas.

Adelson holds her political giving dear and recently reassured senate republicans during a dinner meeting of her intentions to remain actively involved in party giving. While speaking to the press this week, she reconfirmed these words though refrained from committing to specific financial contributions. She said that large donations would be seen towards the close to general elections.

The Unspoken Heroine

Over the years, Sheldon Adelson took most of the headlines and fame regarding their family business and political moves; however, it has become known how effective the wife's input has been.

In a statement, Trump said, "Miriam is a wonderful woman who her husband loved greatly and, at the same time, respected for her great intelligence. He was very proud of her, and she was very proud of him. She will carry on his legacy beautifully."

Fred Zeidman, Houston-based republic donor and Adelson's close family friend, confirmed Miriam's intelligence in business. "She was the power behind the throne. Sheldon never did anything without Miriam. She was always at his side. She drove a lot of his initiatives."

The Republican Jewish Coalition gathering over the weekend was a timely meeting to amplify Adelson's influence in the Republican Party.