What Are the Problems with Cryptocurrencies?

People worldwide are loving cryptocurrencies at the moment

What Are the Problems with Cryptocurrencies?

People worldwide are loving cryptocurrencies at the moment. In fact, now, more than ever, they are gaining significant popularity. With more people wanting more money without having to do any work, cryptocurrency is the perfect way to go.

There has never been a better plan to make money according to some people. However, it isn’t all success stories and rich people when it comes to cryptocurrency. Some people actually lose money altogether which ruins their investment. Not everyone does their due diligence via sites such as CoinJournal.

Let’s take a look at a few of the problems with cryptocurrencies.


One issue that has been put forth regarding cryptocurrency is that the benefits of it far outweigh the benefits of traditional currency. However, that isn’t always true. When it comes to normal currency, you can make electronic transfers of funds in only seconds or minutes.

However, when it comes to cryptocurrency, many things will take hours or days. Older crypto projects can also require a whole lot of computational power which leads to high electrical consumption levels. Some people will often argue that this is an inefficient use of earth’s resources.


Did you know that cryptocurrency isn’t really a currency at all? Due to the price volatility of cryptocurrency, it cannot be considered as a currency. Real money must be a good store of value.

Some merchants out there may allow purchases for goods and services via cryptocurrency. Though, to do this, they need to adjust to the real-world price being charged in tandem with the market value of whatever cryptocurrency is being used.

Many will argue that the point of any currency is to essentially represent a stable value. Then, as adoption grows, the price should remain stable.

Bitcoin is hard to acquire

People have to be able to acquire Bitcoin before they will be able to use them. The way to do this is by going through heavily regulated exchanges. However, this is a huge challenge for people who are starting out as well as a step that heavily comprises the values promised by Bitcoin.

There are certainly other ways to get Bitcoin. You may be able to ask a friend or find a decentralized exchange. Though, these are generally not accessible to most or may be technically challenging. 

The bottom line

Cryptocurrency is an awesome way for people to be able to make peer-to-peer transfers without having to manage the risk of a single entity gaining an absurd amount of power over the monetary system. Early adopters of cryptocurrency, as well as enthusiasts, are always going to sing praises when speaking about cryptocurrency.

However, it is always essential to do your own research to ensure that you’re making the right decision. The average consumer must decide for themselves when it is the right time to see if cryptocurrency can fit into their lives.

As blockchain matures, blockchain will surface into the mainstream. At this point, it will become apparent as to the point of cryptocurrency and its general place in your financial toolbox.

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