So, the liberals, the death of freedom

to the extent that it can be a super star, as a european scientist, it must be said that the Bulgarian Ivan Krastev to become one. In his ”Post-Europe” (in En

So, the liberals, the death of freedom

to the extent that it can be a super star, as a european scientist, it must be said that the Bulgarian Ivan Krastev to become one. In his ”Post-Europe” (in English) had a major impact, and just in time for the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall, and the sovjetkommunismens the collapse of the new book. ”Light, lost” is co-written by the american Stephen Holmes , law professor, and liberalismforskare.

the Authors seek to explain the nazi hegemonins hädangång after its victory drunken 1990s, and by the impact of the main dödgrävarna, Victor Orban. and For Abuse , Putin and Donald Trump . As a bonus, they are also in China's successful pursuit of the economic world.

and, According to Krastev and Holmes won the freedom to go out without an enemy, and they are poor copies of it, forcing the other to be transformed into the creation of the soil out of which, the authoritarian and illiberalismen to pick up your food. The imitators will be sooner or later disappointed, and the lack of a clear ideological resistance, blind to their own shortcomings.

In europe is being built nowadays, the national identity that is in opposition to the värderingslösa västliberalismen states imitated since 1989, and in Russia to punish Putin, in particular, the united states, mirroring the american trespasses against the law (in order to then use their own arguments to defend themselves, such as the annexation of the Crimea, as a line of defense similar to the US's support for Kosovo.

One of the most interesting analyses is that of Donald Trump's motivations.

Donald Trump is on their side, hate that, in the past, presidents have let the world imitate the technological advances of the u.s. exceptionalismens the spirit of the världsförbättring.

And in China? They have achieved their unprecedented success by mimicking that of other countries, mainly the united states, its industrial development, at the same time, they kept the chinese identity, such as the one dictated by the communist party.

Sound complicated? It is from time to time, and, above all, this is a book to Krastev and Holmes is trying to drive her point all the clergy, and the imitationspolitikens error by bending reality a bit too much. This, in turn, is both amusing and annoying, in a direct way through a thought-provoking way, even if it is far from always agree with or even believe in their theories.

this is One of the most interesting analyses is that of Donald Trump's motivations. The authors believe that The given the US's historical exceptionalism, in order to be able to win. In Trump's world, there is only a winner or a loser – is a contract in which both parties are happy and satisfied with a bad deal, and that the united states should be able to win again, come on, first, a country must have a first down at the other's moral level. America is the first to be thus interpreted, to the letter, Trump's goal is domination, and in the struggle, no strategies, and ugly.

it Often makes the things a bit too easy. That is, when they claim to be central european it was in fact a reaction to the befolkningsflykten from the same area. A view consistent with the fact that the authors seem to regard racism as an inevitable effect of the ressentiment, not as a set of values, and the actions of the infinite in the long history of Europe, the united states and what is now the Russian federation. Racism has also been the official policy of all of the places, most recently in the Record.

Unfortunately, they spend their efforts on the economic ojämlikhetens role to play.

As with passing notes, Krastev and Holmes, also of Germany, to which the new democracies of Central europe, is has reached its success thanks to a strong arbetarinflytande, but, unfortunately, they spend their efforts on the economic ojämlikhetens the role of the actually existing marknadsliberalism that influenced the world, increasingly, since the mid-1990s.

It's a shame, because the kulturkriget don't run out of words, out of the cities.

And, as the british historian Tony Judt , shown in his work 'postwar' the historian. A history of Europe since 1945”, the politics of democratic Western europe from 1945 to 1989's "unique" to it, regardless of ideology, was marked by the regulations of the inequality. After the war, no one wanted to re-live the raw, the market economy and the breeding ground for the insane.

Sad to imitatörerna, however, as the 1990s was just around the corner was the man of today that the former east bloc countries kept out of jämlikhetsiver.

the final words of ”Light, lost” a plea for liberty supporters to get together and fill up their empty phrases of the political content of the change of the range between The China and the world will be a much more dangerous place to live.

as It is, it's not hard to agree with that.

the Light vanished. A vidräkning of imitationens policy.

the Translation of Henry Gundenäs.

constable & robinson, 287 pp.

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Anna Hellgren, editor, and writer for the Swedish newspaper Expressen kultursida.

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