The wrong-headed claim by Bert Karlsson

We take security very seriously, and in every case of receiving stolen goods in our web site, we see that as a failure. However, Bert's claim of a 25-cent item

The wrong-headed claim by Bert Karlsson

We take security very seriously, and in every case of receiving stolen goods in our web site, we see that as a failure. However, Bert's claim of a 25-cent items, completely wrong-headed, and can understand most of the people that read his posts.

on a Daily basis, there are more than 600 000 are the ads in the Block – in-the incisions are made, there is 50 tickets per month on suspicions of receiving stolen goods, but not all of these relate to any form of crime behind for a closer examination.

We are a well-established kundsäkerhetsarbete, which is led by a kundsäkerhetsansvarig in which the work is composed of annonsgranskning, advice, hints and tips to our customers, the cooperation with the Police department, which has a direct connection to the Block, in order to be able to get help with their studies. We have also worked with other government agencies, and businesses, as well as continuously develop secure payment service provider. As a user of the Block, then one of the registered phones, a debit card or a Swish. All of these payment methods are untraceable to the Police, who will receive the information from us.

the ID of the authentication of the stöldbegärliga categories
Bert's suggestion about the ID verification is a good thing and it is something we are already doing. We are doing the ID verification to be carried out, in particular, in the stöldbegärliga of the categories in which the person is not known to us before hand. Users are also able to legitimate buyer or to the seller, at a distance, with the help of mobile bank id of the Block, through the use of our digital contract, which is completely free of charge. And do you use Blocketpaketet to verify both the seller and the buyer directly by the bank id, which provides security for both parties.

We do not accept any form of criminal activity on the Block, and that is why we have, for many years, has a solid safety performance.

READ MORE: , Bert Karlsson: put pressure on the Bloc – The largest hälericentralTre the tips of safe trading in the Block is:
See the tips and advice that the Block has in their ads, tailored to the various categories of products.

the Pay is never out of the money in the bank, or do not receive the funds in your account. The bank accounts are anonymous, and you don't know from who the money is going/coming from. Please use The secure payment service where the goods are to be sent, or because of the need for a down payment.

If a deal looks too good to be true, then it is most often the case! Cancel the sale and report the ad to the Block.
The advice about the security of trading:
to Meet for business. What is the best way to buy or sell on the Block, at the same time, you can see that the fact of the matter is, in the condition in which it is expected from the annonsbeskrivningen. Do you sell something of high value, to meet in a place where it is to people.

, please Use the Blocketpaketet. It is not possible to meet up, our recommendation is to use the Blocketpaketet, which combines the freight of the whole of Sweden with secured payment.

(Ask to see original receipt of purchase. If the receipt is still left, it is always a good idea to ask to see the original receipt. If it's a new thing of high value, it may be the case that there is a warranty remaining may be transferred to the buyer, and for that you need the receipt.

to Pay with a Swish. To pay with a Swish, instead of the cash. In the large amount of money, you can also use Swish to do this, sign into your online bank account, and to temporarily increase the limit.

, Enter the option. A sales contract can be found on the Block where you can write your name, the date, and the information about the thing being sold. It is recommended for higher priced items that are being sold. Print, or sign in to your mobile phone using mobile bank id. You can then, afterwards, the strength of who you have bought to be in the event of any confusion.

, Then you should always be extra wary if a deal sounds too good to be true. If the other party has said to you to carry out the transaction or if the buyer wishes to have merchandise sent to another country, you have to be on your toes. You can always send us an email via the website if you have any suspicion of fraud. Feel free to visit and check out our advice on specific shops in a boat, a car, etc., on the Block.see the < / span> < / span>

Kundsäkerhetschef the Block.

Updated Date: 08 November 2019, 01:00

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