We have a government that allows radical islamists wreak havoc

the Six people who are deemed security risks, and to be on the run. One of them disappeared, and then he neglected in its reporting requirements. This is as a r

We have a government that allows radical islamists wreak havoc

the Six people who are deemed security risks, and to be on the run. One of them disappeared, and then he neglected in its reporting requirements. This is as a result of the government's failure to grasp the problems of terrorism and of islam in history.

the Government's failure to deal with extremism and terrorism-are well-coated. On the day before the terror attack There in 2017, voted by the parliament to prohibit the engagement of terrorist groups in Their initiatives. After the world woke up to the government, and invited, among others, the Christian democratic party to terrorförhandling. In which we ran through to the persons who are dealt with under the law of a particular alien control (the ORGANISATION) should be able to be detained for longer than a day.

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It took more than a year ago, the government even set up a committee of investigation. It should have been submitted to the government on the 28th of February, 2019. However, it was delayed and will be in the spring instead. The delays, it seems, unfortunately, to be a part of the government's modus operandi, when the anti-terrorism and extremism legislation to be proposed. The government failed, in the spring, with the criminalisation of association with terrorist groups. The council of state of solid, the inadequacy of the proposal along with the ankles, and the bill had to be withdrawn. This is the one responsible to deal with the terrorist incident?

Who is paying for the just?

However, it is not only the question of the ORGANISATION and in dealings with terrorist organizations, which the government is exhibiting confusion and indecision. Three of the six persons who are deemed to be security risks, and who are now at large, were resident in London. A mosque in stockholm is funded in part by Qatar, an organization with links to al-Qaeda and the Islamic state. It is, however, not only the mosque, with the foreign and extremist links. Countries such as saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, the United arab Emirates and Turkey, has been founded, supported, or took over mosques in Sweden.

< Gävleimamen For It.Photo by: < / b> ALL of the royal school for the deaf
In the case of the mosques, of which Turkey controls the propaganda, not only islam, but also they are very active in the dissemination of erdoğan's message, including Swedish and Turkish, as many people still have the right to vote. As a result, English-Turkish, which is the opposition to Erdogan's increasingly authoritarian policies, to avoid its conclusion. This is threatening freedom of religion and of the Swedish muslims the right to practice their faith, free from extremism. With the release of the six ' radical islamists would also caution against the common and greater extremism.

the 17 mosques are controlled by foreign extremists
the Government is at a loss in the face of this development. At least 17 of the mosques are controlled by foreign extremists, and the English, the muslims have been warned of this development for a long time. In addition, there are other trusts, which received contributions from the extremists. Among other things, in Örebro, sweden, where the foundation has received contributions from the saudi government. The foundation, in Örebro, sweden, worked for Osama Krayem, who in 2014, travelling to the ICE, and now he stands accused of involvement in the terror attack in Brussels, in 2016, and is suspected to have been involved in planning the attack in Paris, in november 2015.

the Government has gone out and said that it would like to be able to stop the foreign direct investment (fdi), which, for example, the Russian or the chinese buy the essential physical infrastructure such as ports. At the same time, completely at a loss when ideological fanatics are pumping money into religious propaganda. The christian democratic party, has long campaigned for a ban on the foreign funding of, for example, the mosques in order to choke off extremism financing.

The statues are to be.
In the Qatarfinansierade mosque in Gävle, sweden, will be greeted with a cleric and his son as a hero when they return. At the government offices in accordance with task is the removal of verkställighetshinder. The question is, what is there to play the role of as were still able to disappear without a trace, rather than to be kept in the custody of the. Terroröverenskommelsen of 2017, which isn't close to being finished. Extremism is wreaking free in Sweden. The government bears responsibility for the crash, which means that the six radical islamists get away with it. < / span> < / span>

the Party.

Rättspolitisk spokesman.

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Date Of Update: 07 November 2019, 01:00

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