How often should you bluff when playing online poker?

When it comes to enjoying an online poker experience, you might find it easy to start bluffing

How often should you bluff when playing online poker?

When it comes to enjoying an online poker experience, you might find it easy to start bluffing. Bluffing is a big part of any poker game, whether you are playing on Bandarqq or you are playing a different poker experience. Whatever game of poker you have entered, though, it pays to work out the importance of using your bluff to your advantage.

Many players will waste a bluff with either an overextended hand or by not pushing their qualities enough. The feeling of bluffing an opponent out of a hand and walking away the winner can feel as good as pulling out a Royal Flush. However, you need to know when you should bluff and when you should perhaps notice that your luck isn’t in on this hand and get back.

If you are going to be sitting playing online poker with the same people for many hours on a platform like, then you want to try and get out of the habit of using your bluff to such an extreme volume. Many of the best players not only know how to bluff, but when to bluff. Learning this is essential to your success.

How can you limit your bluff with online poker?

So, the first thing that you need to do is try and avoid getting caught up with hole cards. For example, say a 4 and a 5 come out in your hand, and they are both the same suit. Then, on the table, a 7 and an 8 come down – again, the same suit. You might feel ambitious enough to keep bluffing in the hope that a 6 will land on the table and give you a very powerful run.

However, say that the 6 does not land. You are left with nothing. You need to realise that the chances of the exact card you want coming down on the table is very slim, even if it would complete a powerful run. So, you might feel confident doing a small bluff here. That is fine. Just avoid getting too cocky and ambitious with the bluff; you still have nothing, and if you are called on the bluff you have nothing to actually fight back with.

Keep this in mind, as many players get into online poker matches and get overly excited by the cards on the table. You need to both realise the likelihood of what you need appearing is slim and that the likelihood of someone else having what you need is quite high.

So, you should try and make sure that you avoid bluffing too much. Use this opportunity to simply avoid getting too carried away; bluffing and playing excessively on an online game can often have negative consequences for your success. Since you cannot rely on the same information as you would have when playing offline, it does make sense to try and come up with a system that strengthens your bluff.

The simplest tip for a new player, though, is to avoid bluffing unless you know you have something truly outstanding. The more you bluff, the more you become seen as someone who can be bullied and taken for a ride by the other players at the table.