Cinemas closed : the re-opening date finally set, what health standards ?

on the occasion of a speech about the 2nd stage of the plan déconfinement, the prime minister announced the date of reopening of cinemas throughout France. Sum

Cinemas closed : the re-opening date finally set, what health standards ?

on the occasion of a speech about the 2nd stage of the plan déconfinement, the prime minister announced the date of reopening of cinemas throughout France.

Summary Date of reopening of cinemas Reimbursement of pass cards and film shooting suspended Events cancelled

[updated may 28, 2020 at 18h06] prime minister Edouard Philippe has made the point on the second stage of the plan déconfinement Thursday, may 28. The opportunity to accelerate a little more the déconfinement in France. If the cultural activities have not been addressed for a very long time, it was noted that the cinema could reopen as early as June 22, 2020 and on the whole French territory. Now support broadcasters and operators to work on the programming of the films will be in cinemas as soon as they reopen. It must, therefore, be expected that many films which no longer had a release date will soon. Earlier in the week, the ministry of Culture had made the point about the sanitary conditions that will allow the French to go to the cinema safest way possible.

First health recommendations before the reopening

the first in A series of recommendations has been unveiled by the ministry of Culture to help the cinemas, but also to show to reopen in sanitary conditions, strict. In particular, it is advisable to encourage the online purchase of tickets to avoid contact to the drum and to the arrival in the room. If this is not possible, the ticket agents must be placed behind a glass panel of plexiglas or wear a visor and mask when this is not feasible. These recommendations do not rule yet on the fact that the spectators themselves the obligation to be hidden or not but it is a possibility except for children under 11 years of age. The separation physical must be able to be effective in addition : "The spectators who are not part of a group booking must be located at least one meter," says the text. A maximum of doors should be kept open to ensure that visitors have the need to touch and thus be placed in contact with surfaces at risk. Arrived in the room, the spectators must be separated by at least a metre, says the text, which implies the vacant seats for the operators.

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After the containment, what avenues of recovery for the cinema ?

Date of reopening of cinemas in France

While the closure of all the theatres of France has been recognised by the prime minister Edouard Philippe on march 14, 2020, the opening is particularly expected. During the first stage of the plan of déconfinement on 11 may, the government had chosen to keep them closed. On may 28, in his speech at the announcement of the second stage of the plan déconfinement, Edouard Philippe announced that movie theaters will reopen as soon as June 22, 2020 and on the whole territory.

How to get a refund bookings, pass cards and unlimited cinemas ?

many moviegoers enjoy throughout the year, of cards unlimited or pass special. Due to the closure of movie theaters ordered by the government, the operators offer solutions to a refund that we will summarize below :

UGC : The viewer has no thing to do. Cards unlimited are reimbursed. The monthly payment is automatically suspended until the reopening of the cinema. The amounts collected from 15 to 31 march have also been refunded. The same goes for the reservations which have been refunded automatically. The formulas 5 tickets purchased on the card will remain valid for a period of 60 days after the reopening of cinemas. As for the loyalty points, their duration will be extended as much time for the duration of the closure. Pathé-Gaumont : reservations made via the mobile application and the website have been refunded automatically. For subscribers CinePass, the levy is suspended until the reopening, and the amount collected from 15 to 31 march, was repaid via the next levy that will be made once the cinemas will be re-opened. The spectators who have paid their subscription on the day of their subscription will have their subscriptions automatically extended by the number of days where the movie theater was closed. The prepaid cards which should expired by April 30, will be extended until 30 June. All these steps are automatic and the viewer has nothing to do of his side. RC : All the cards SSC card 5/10/15 and reloads fidelity, the validity of which was between the beginning of march and end of may 2020 are extended by one month validity extra. The loyalty points are also prolonged to a month. The steps are performed automatically without the user having to do anything. Kinepolis : A refund request must be made by the spectator online on the website of the group. Filming suspended due to a coronavirus

The pandemic also has an impact on the filming of movies and series. Some have had to be paused to prevent the spread of the virus, or simply because they could not get in the places needed in the shots, as is the case in particular of the continuation of the franchise highly anticipated Avatar. Their release date announced may therefore be offset. Here is a non-exhaustive list of shoots impacted by the sars coronavirus :

Last Duel Ridley Scott : shooting in France has been shortened and moved to Ireland. Release scheduled for January 13, 2021. Mission : Impossible 7 : at the end of February 2020, the team's seventh installment of the saga Mission : impossible, had to turn to Venice for three weeks. Because of the evolution of the pandemic in Italy, the shooting of the film has been suspended. in Official competition with Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas. The Batman from Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson Jurassic World: Dominion Chris Pratt fantastic animals 3 with Eddie Redmayne Red Notice with Dwayne Johnson Samaritan Sylvester Stallone Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings , one of the next films in Marvel King Richard with Will Smith suites d' Avatar James Cameron The movie events and series cancelled

because of the ban of gatherings of more than 100 people ordered on Friday 13 march 2020, several events related to the film and series have been cancelled or deferred. The Cannes film Festival , expected initially from 12 to 23 may, will not take place "in its original form" but the organizers are hoping however to be able to hold it in a different form in order to continue the mission of the festival as a tool "essential to support the film industry".

Date Of Update: 28 May 2020, 12:57